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  1. Excited to be back on the brain side of the wrench.


  2. 2000subaru

    620 rear axle questions

    So i pulled my rear axles to do disc brakes. I had a friend press them out of the collars and have new bearings to replace the old and worn set that were on previously. After further inspection I have a few questions and I need some answers. 1. I noticed that the backs of each axle are different, completely different. This may be the way it is supposed to be, but I don't remember which axle is which. 2. One axle has a spacer on the shaft, it is visible on in the image on the right axle. the other axle doesn't have one. Is this correct? It appears upon inspection, that the left axle in the image should have a spacer. It looks like there was one previously. Any idea on sourcing? I am looking to Datsun for some help. The Internet was not much help for me this time, and Datsun on Facebook went unanswered. -Krysto
  3. 2000subaru

    73 gas tank

    Got something for a 74 Dan? Mine is super rusted and may not clean up well enough.
  4. 2000subaru

    Danfiveten's Joker

    What size tires did you end up going with Dan? Looks like it's coming along nicely!
  5. 2000subaru

    Project 620 - Build Thread

    What springs did you end up going with. I am planning a build much like your suspension and like your ride height.
  6. 2000subaru

    '79 Strip down

    Great teardown. Looks ike a great start to a sweet project. In case a guy wanted a ballpark idea on a sandblast chassis price, what does something like that run?

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