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Looking for a new (gas tank) sending unit


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OK, I give up on trying to post pics on this site.

Wayne, I think I emailed them to you. If you don't get them, let me know and we will try something else.


Try using postimage...

I only post from my phone and I have had good luck with it..

Once you upload the pic they have a

"Hotlink to forum" button use that to post to ratsun.... goodluck...

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Is this the correct sending unit?



That I believe is for a later 1965-67 Datsun Roadster, I have one and the float in the lower position(empty) reads as full on the 320 gauge, but as I said you might be able to bend the float mount wire back 100/110 degrees without breaking it and make it work, maybe.  :hmm:


I believe you want part number 172-09 in the link below, but you have to call them and see if available, ask if it is a positive ground unit as that is what I believe we need for are positive ground 320 trucks.



I would spend the money to buy the proper one that bolts in and works the first time, I would not buy anything if what you have works, test the hot wire by grounding it out on clean metal, if the gauge moves to full then the gauge works, then pull your sender out and see if it is jammed up solid or if the float has holes in it, then I would bench test the sender outside of the tank..

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