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  1. J-Grams

    Looking for a new (gas tank) sending unit

    Thanks for all the responses folks! So I think I'm going to try and repair this one I have for now. Once I pulled off the cover it actually looked pretty good. The arm is very damaged by rust. I'm going to do a thorough cleaning and see what's left of it. I don't have high hopes as it was practically crumbling apart in my hands. Might have to replace that and I definitely need a new float. I think the remnants of the float was what I heard shaking around in the tank.
  2. J-Grams

    Looking for a new (gas tank) sending unit

    That might have to be the backup plan!
  3. Howdy folks, Just pulled off the sending unit so I can drop off my tank for an acid dip and it is rough as all get up. So I need to get a new one. Anybody have any leads on where to find one or one that might work in it's place? I haven't had any luck finding that part online.
  4. J-Grams

    Back in the Datsun game!

    The VIN plate says 1965
  5. J-Grams

    Back in the Datsun game!

    It's column shift. And apparently I was mistaken, it's a '65! I couldn't quite see it on the VIN plate before because of the hood having an issue opening all the way, but on the title it says it's a '62. VIN number matches however so somewhere the info got entered incorrectly. But either way I'm happy with it.
  6. J-Grams

    Back in the Datsun game!

    I just looked at it today and it's in decent shape all around, but the inside of the cab is just great! I'm going to pull the trigger and get it. I'll let ya all know when I get it back to the shop
  7. J-Grams

    Back in the Datsun game!

    I agree the parts are going to be a tough find. I might have just lucked out however. I found a '64 that might just have everything I need and it is cheap. I'm supposed to look at it today but the guy is being a bit flaky. Let's hope he gets back to me because this would solve all my problems.
  8. J-Grams

    Back in the Datsun game!

    I got rid or my 720 which gave me a lot of trouble and then I felt like I needed another Datsun in my life. So I picked this up last week in Colton, OR. I'm new to the 320's but from what I was told it's a 1962. I'm pretty excited to get this project going this summer but I'm still missing a few things, so if anybody has any extra of these parts lying around or knows where to find them let me know: front bumper, original steering wheel(the one on it right now is a bit ridiculous), and a front windshield(I have a feeling this is going to be a tough find). Hopefully I can get some more pictures up soon
  9. Howdy folks, Well on my way home from work today my truck started maybe a pretty loud constant knocking sound and it seems to shake the whole truck. This happens only when I press the gas. It has low power and I can barely hit 55 on the freeway(I was just happy I made it home!). It's also stalling out quite a bit in neutral but not all the time. Any ideas on what the cause of this is would be much appreciated. I'm pretty new to working on cars so I don't know quite where to begin the diagnosis. Thanks, Jensen
  10. Sorry for the late reply. My truck was stuck up on the mountain for awhile but finally got it home and installed a new alternator. Works great for the moment, we'll see what happens next! Thanks for all your help everybody. -Jensen
  11. Bought the truck about 4 months ago and the gentleman I got it from said it had a new battery. No voltage gauge in the truck from what I see
  12. Thanks for the replies everybody. I'll go check out that wiring tomorrow, I know the terminals are fine I just replaced them about 2 months ago but I'll give them a double check just in case. I have a feeling I might need to get a new alternator.
  13. Howdy folks, Well I had an interesting day with my truck. It snowed a bunch where I live and conditions were poor to say the least. But on my way up to Mt Hood, I started noticing some electrical problems: The radio started cutting off with the upstroke of the wipers and turning back on with the downstroke. My turn signals and hazards ceased functioning Finally, the car stalled out and wouldn't start again.(After the car stalled out I got the hazards to work momentarily and then I tried to switch them on and off again and got nothing) Well after I got a ride to work and worked all day, I came back to my truck and it started up. I was letting it run for a while while I was cleaning all the ice and snow off and then it died again(I'd say it was running for about 10 minutes). When trying to start it seems like it starts to turn over but doesn't quite get all the way and sometimes nothing happened at all. Well thankfully I got a ride home and I'm leaving it on the mountain today. Any ideas on the issue would be much appreciated. I gotta get this thing home! Thank you, Jensen
  14. J-Grams

    1984 Nissan 720 Stalls in idle

    Update for my truck! I replaced the the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. Everything has been running great for the past week and I got the idle to an acceptable level. The plugs and the cap were especially crusty, definitely needed replacing. Thank goodness I didn't need to get into the mixture set screw! Thanks again for all the help and Happy Thanksgiving -Jensen
  15. J-Grams

    1984 Nissan 720 Stalls in idle

    It's a lovely place, this Mosier, OR. Small town of about 500 but it's got a great little bar called The Rack and Cloth. I highly recommend it. So truck was performing beautifully on the freeway but funny thing is I'm back to my original problem of it stalling while in idle. Haha! On my second test run it showed up. Had to adjust the idle speed set screw again and it's chugging along. I just bought a new spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. Going to install them on Monday. While I'm into that I'm going to give the idle cut solenoid another look over. Hopefully I get this little issue worked out and then it's time to upgrade some parts.

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