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  1. Ted and I were also at the Lemay auction. Someday we should meet and I can tell you some stories about that. You did a nice job on that truck.
  2. Ted and I checked out that red one 3 years ago in Bonney Lake. The guy had three NLs and one was crushed by a tree. If the blue one in your pictures is the blue one with the green hood and bullet hole, you did a very good job making it look better. We came close to buying them, but didn't really want to deal with 3 trucks and the price was a little high for us in that condition.
  3. How is the visibility with the driver fender mirror? Can you see anything with the passenger mirror?
  4. I used the triangular type, which is the same as Roadsters, and it worked great.
  5. And since pictures are so easy to add, here are a couple more:
  6. Here is a picture of a Z lamp that I modified to have the longer legs along with another Z lamp. By the way, I am happy that pictures are now easy to add.
  7. Garry, Any info on the clock? Do you think it is the correct clock option? You might have to do some detective work. Steve
  8. Very nice! But your steering wheel is upside down. The larger area should be at the bottom. I know, because I did the same thing. And before anybody says it - it is indeed a "d" not a 'p".
  9. I have one of the 222 owners manuals. It has about 90 pages with a lot of good information. Let me know if you want me to take a picture of something. You will have to send me your email so I can just send pics to you - because it is such a pain to post on this site.
  10. The two tone horn is an option.
  11. You are correct. I checked my truck and it blinks slower with a bulb out. I have never had a bad bulb in my truck, but have had several in newer vehicles. I would never have thought that the blink rate for a failed bulb would be backwards. Good to know.
  12. I disagree. Here are some google topics: https://www.google.com/search?q=blinker+too+fast&oq=flasher+too+fast&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l4.9359j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I have always seen them slow down with a trailer and speed up if you lose a bulb. Yes, they could stop if you lose a bulb.
  13. Are both sides behaving the same? When the gauge lights fade out, do the exterior lights fade out too? The flasher speed will vary with load. If you have more lights in parallel (less resistance) it will flash slower, and less lights (more resistance) flash faster. This is backwards from what you might think, but it is the cooling speed of the bimetallic reed that has way more effect than how fast it heats up. If both sides and gauge lights behave the same, a good place to start would be to disconnect the wire from the turn signal lever wire to flasher and apply a good 12V to th
  14. Don't get sidetracked on whether the ground is positive or negative. It doesn't matter to the lights. LEDs care, but not incandescent bulbs. It sounds like your cluster is not connected to ground good enough. Maybe you painted the area where it gets connected.
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