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Carb leaking


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Float stuck or set to wrong height

Needle valve blocked from closing by dirt or debris.


There are three screws holding the front cover on the carb. Remove the front. You can clean and reuse the rubber seal. The float chamber is behind it. Place a rag below it to catch the gas and beware... there are small parts that might fall out.


Take the fuel line off, unbolt the banjo fitting and unbolt the needle valve assy under it.


Clean and inspect. By now you likely have found something wrong or dirty.


Take lots of pictures if not sure how it comes apart.

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Usually by the 3rd owner the price to buy it is such that they don't really want to spend much on it. It also coincides with many things naturally wearing out. They just drive it into the ground. That and by the 3rd owner, common knowledge about fixing a 30 year old vehicle has pretty much vanished. For Nissan there were no carbs after '86.5. A mechanic old enough to work on one of these new would be about 50 years old today! There is a whole generation of mechanics today that have never even seen a carburetor. So... good on you for working to keep this truck on the road. Feels good to know more about something than some collage boy mechanic. These old Nissans were made to be fixable not sent away or scrapped. If you can't fix them... you damned well know what wrong with them at least.  

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