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  1. 720Girl

    Sensor light

    Can someone please tell me why I can't see any photos in any thread?!
  2. 720Girl

    Windshield wiper motor installation

    So, when I got my truck it didn't come with the windshield wiper motor or reservoir so I picked them both up for about $15 at my local junk yard. How can I go about installing this. I have a 1980 Datsun 720 with an '83 Z24 motor and tranny.
  3. 720Girl


    Hey bottomwatcher, I am proud to say I am! After the final adjustments made to the carburetor and replacing both the intake and exhaust ignition coils, cleaning off the ends of my spark plugs and replacing the battery terminal wires, she drives like a top! It has been such a long journey but I couldn't have done it without the help of this forum and it's active members! Thank you for asking, you rock! :)
  4. 720Girl

    firing order for 720 with z24

    I know this post is old but what does it mean when a distributor is 180 out?
  5. 720Girl

    Dash lights on startup gone??

    Guess what it was! My O2 sensor was unplugged! :O
  6. 720Girl


    Boxcar, if you still have your lift kit I would gladly send you a big box!
  7. 720Girl

    Dash lights on startup gone??

    Well, usually when starting my truck the battery, oil, seatbelt and sensor light would be on until I turned over the engine. Now the only light that comes on is my seatbelt light? And she's getting harder to start like there's a short in the battery? Could this be my alternator?
  8. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    It stays moving forward I believe.
  9. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    I will check tomorrow on the possibility of a switch being by/under/around the clutch pedal. As far as the choke on the carb, it opens just fine and is open about halfway by the time the engine dies down.
  10. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    I guess to make things more clear, I have to have the clutch pushed slightly towards the floor, and I'm emphasizing on the slightly part. Like barely pushed in at all just to keep the beast growling so to speak. But while doing this in any gears besides 4th I hear an on again, off again grinding sound coming from the transmission.
  11. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    Yes, the sight glass is showing about half full of gas.
  12. 720Girl

    Carb leaking

    Resurrect from the grave!
  13. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    When I am not in gear the truck warms up and then stalks out. When I am in gear and cruising down the road,no matter what gear I'm in, if I completely let the clutch out the truck comes almost to a complete halt.
  14. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    Meaning it's stuck open? Closes?
  15. 720Girl

    ....the beginning to the end?!

    So, after months of learning the ins and outs of my 81 days in 720, and after close to $1,000 spent on parts and replacements, I have hit yet another bump in the road. I now have this weird thing going on with my baby. I get in the truck, starts up fine. Once, the truck warms up to just about half way (in neutral) she slowly kills out. It won't stay idling unless I have the clutch pressed in a bit. If I'm driving and the truck is already warmed up, I have to constantly have the clutch pressed in slightly just to keep her running. Could my tranny be going tits up on me after all that time, money and effort I put into it?! What's going on?! Could something be stuck??

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