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Lower valance bolt size?


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Missing the passenger side bolt on the lower metal valance on the front of my truck.  Anyone know what size bolt they are?  Talking about the two below the headlights where the valance attaches to the front fenders.   I would take the one side and get it matched but its pretty well seized up and I jammed the shit out of my pinky trying to get it out.  

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The bolt screws into a welded nut on the valence.  If the threads on the welded nut are good, a 1/2 inch long bolt is fine, and does have room for the panel, a thin sheet metal washer, and a lock washer.

If the threads on the welded nut are bad, you can drill out the threads on the welded nut with a 1/4 drill, and put a nut on the end of the bolt on the back side of the welded nut.  Then you will need a 3/4 inch long bolt.


If you are doing sheet metal work on  521, you need a 1/4-28 tap.  I would also suggest going to an industrial bolt store, and getting a box of 50 1/4-28  1/2 long bolts and another box of 50 1/4-28 3/4 long bolts.  Get grade 5, or grade 8 bolts.  Grade 5 bolts have three radial lines across the of the head of the bolt, grade 8 bolts have six radial lines across the top of the head of the bolt.

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I got some bolts but found out the half of the old bolt is still there and just the head was broken off.   A bitch to get a drill bit up there too so for the meantime I just zip tied that side.



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I do not recommend hardware store stainless steel bolts.

One of the main elements you alloy with iron to make steel is carbon.  Having the right amount of carbon in steel makes the steel stronger.  Carbon also increases the tendency for steel to rust in wet environments.   You can reduce the tendency of carbon steel to rust by also adding chromium, and other rare elements to the alloy mix.  But chromium, and other elements to reduce the tendency of steel to rust are expensive. 

To make cheap stainless steel, you remove some of the carbon, and then you need less of the expensive elements.  But then the steel is not as strong.

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Access will be you biggest enemy with that.... what's funny is I am looking at my front end and I have both my valence bolts broken off.... but then again I don't have a valence....



I can try and take the fucker off but would need to be really motivated.  Right now just don't feel like fighting it.  



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Thanks Charlie, any idea how long?

3/4" with plat and lock washers this is why i use 374" instead of 1/2" The leess threads sticking out of the nut a bolt goes through is less threads to rust and have to run through the nut when removing. I would use so anti sieze compound on these before installing keeps them from breakin off when you need to remove them again.


I would be soaking all the bolts with WD40 or something for a few days before trying to loosen. Looks like breaking material to me.


I usually will use a 1/4" drive wratchet on these small bolts to help minimize breakage.

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