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What to make on my Mill?

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So I have a brother Speedio s500x1 in my garage and while i do side work (not solciting that here.) I was wondering what you think I should make first for my 510.  I have planned to make the vents since the ones on ebay have a rigid finish that isn't me but that is kinda down the road since the previous owner shaved the vents and with a newborn baby days away a 15k from a paintjob from a guy I know that restores 50's Ferrari's is a bit rich for my blood at the moment. (Yes his price is worth it as you could eat off of his paint/body fab/restoration work and not feel guilty lol.)  Anyway I have a ton of leftover material from some customer jobs that I could squeeze some parts and was curious as to what you think I should make.

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There seems to be a lust for 510 fender and trunk mount emblems?  I personally know that Nissan USA really needs a proper "Datsun 1600" trunk moumt for their new RL411 to replace the current incorrect PL411 emblem that they have, but that's a world population of known customers of one.


Various "SSS" emblems,varies with the year and series, but let the customers come to you with a deposit before you waste your time on peninless flakes.

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Start building your dime then when you reach a crossroad that requires a hard to find part....well....you make it.



Very simple.

Thats the one problem I bought mine with a fresh restoration.  Outside of electrical work (factory wiring is just ugly) It doesn't need much at the moment.  Of course it is open for upgrades :P

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You can do that on a mill, it's just a while lot more work. :lol:

I was just going to say the same thing.  I make tons of parts that would be better suited on a lathe for a Handa race shop out here. My mill cuts circles nice lol.  Oh and yes I meant to say Handa lol. 

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