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  1. G8KeaPoR

    Which head

    For some reason I thought the z20s had a different rod. Thanks for that. So long as they are in good shape I’ll just use them. My thought process on making one of them was more or less to workout a work holding setup for when I make some rods for a customer but that can wait till later. thanks for the info the plan is starting to take shape so I’ll keep you informed on the progress.
  2. As some of you have heard Virginia is going full on authoritarian with some proposed gun laws now that the gun grabbing wing of the democrat party is in power. Ironically enough many dem voters are also opposed as gun owners sit on both sides of the isle. Hoping the event is peaceful on the 20th and that they listen and loose interest but if not I have decided to not comply. Tuff decision but I gotta do what I feel as right as I am a constitutionalist through and through. Fingers crossed but we will see how it goes. So far they dropped the worst of the regulatory proposals for now Think it was called SB16 but I’m sure they will redraft it or try and sneak it in to something else at some point.
  3. G8KeaPoR

    Which head

    So I picked up a complete z20s motor. For 450 and I’ll be prting out what I don’t need. I know it’s got the shorter rods but are the heads worth anything off of it. I know there is some emissions stuff on some of those motors but being it was a carburetor job... other than that hopefully it’s got the right block for the long rod. Thinking of just grabbing one of the n85 rods so I can make some billet ones on the mill. I have a rod job coming up and I’m only going to make my own as I have a monster order for rods coming up that I can use this to figure out all the work holding etc on on mine rather then scrap materials through trial and error on a customer job.
  4. True. I just mean the guys that buy the most expensive thing just so they can say they bought the most expensive thing. Spending tons of money to do follow a dream is fine but if all you wanted to do is say “I’m rich b!tch” then I probably won’t respect them. That doesn’t stem from jealousy either more from sympathy for that poor car that will never get the care that it deserves.
  5. G8KeaPoR

    Which head

    Looka like a 2200 it is which honestly I was already leaning towards with my wallet lol
  6. G8KeaPoR

    Which head

    So from all the suggestions I decided to go with a long rod. Unless I come across a z24 crank I’ll be doing a 2200. Have an offer out on a z20s motor. If accepted I will bore it out. If anyone is interested and in Virginia. I have a neway 3 speed boring bar with stand so once I have finished boring mine. I’d be happy to pay it forward within reason to the Ratsun community if anyone is in need.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    need some intact tail light lenses for the wagon. If housings are included they can be trash as I only need the lenses. In addition I would even take some busted lenses if the reflectors are intact. Help me help you by getting good plugs to produce some reproductions. Offering price is fully negotiable but I have to start somewhere.


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Just need the block. No pistons, crank, oil pan etc as long as it is usable or at the least something I can bore I want it. Oh and no cracks though if there was stripped threads or a crack down by the pan and all pieces were there I can fix it and use it. Offer amount is fully negotiable but I have to start somewhere.


  9. I made a set on my mill over a year ago. They do fit as the dimensions are the same and I know from my Porsche days 930 axles can handle well over 750hp, are fully rebuildables, and frankly the best cv axles you can buy hands down. I know not a question but in case anyone was wondering
  10. I completely understand where you are coming from and feel the same. Though Iconsider myself a do it the right way the first time regardless of the cost so it both looks good, does what I want, and lasts, but I have never bought something just to grunt like Tim the tool man or brag for that matter. Ive had a few pricier cars but the rationale was always because I had a dream in mind of how I wanted to build it to make it mine and not for bragging rights. After all I bought a rx7 purely cause I loved the brap brag and wanted the 6 foot flames when you turn off the fuel cut on decel feature on the haltech.
  11. Yeah I am starting to notice that. Not that it’s a bad thing from a financial perspective.
  12. Yeah castings can cost quite a bit to coordinate manufacture on but in my Porsche days there were a few companies reproducing in billet the GT2 heads for the 993/911 which were about half what real heads cost. Obviously simpler to make since those were air cooled though so that what got me thinking. But with no real demand or market for them you could never sell enough to make it worth while at a lower price point. The lack of demand makes sense too when you figure someone could do a swap for more power at an extremely lower price. Like I said in another thread I used to build mostly Porsche’s when I worked for autothority and given the economic demographic things that normally wouldn’t have a market sold we’ll just so the buyer could demonstrate the size of their wallets. That environment influenced my thinking so that’s where these ideas come from
  13. G8KeaPoR

    Which head

    Thanks for all the info and ideas. So I have been busy with the year end and all and am just getting around to responding. Expectations: To make more power so the car isn’t such a dog. We don’t have emissions testing and because it’s on antique tags and pre ‘76 I can essentially do what I want with the car as there is no state inspection (cause of the tags) and so long as my lights work there isn’t much they can ticket me for. The only stipulation is that it can’t be my daily driver which it never was going to be. That leads me into the next bit. I do t expect it to be as powerful as my rx7 or my late 911 but at least be fun. As for fuel economy... well I got rid of my TDI a while ago for my daily which is a 3500 with a Cummins so I don’t mind dumping cash in fuel. What I mean when I say cheap: I have plans in the future to possibly do a swap at the same time I do a full resto, but in the meantime I want to drive my car and since I had to pull apart the top end anyway I figure I might as well make it enjoyable until that time. I have the machining equipment so spending a few grand in parts to hold me over until I am ready for the full resto In about two years is pretty cheap. (Wife wants a boat and well happy wife and I can at least do what I want on the car.) who knows I may just keep the l in the long run if I can get the power needed to get the car out of its own way.
  14. Not to resurrect the dead here but I have a question. Why hasn’t someone who owns one of these gotten a 3D scan done and produced some billet heads on a 5axis mill given that they are like gold? I’ve seen more complicated looking heads made on a 5axis from a sweet chunk of billet aluminum before after all. I would think if they were worth unobtanium prices there would be some sort of market.
  15. Jacobs was the best IMO. I originally bought mine for my rx7 but never needed it. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to go that route but if so I’m sure I can find some room for it if need be.
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