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  1. So has anyone read the infrastructure legislation they want to pass? In that they literally want to tax us for every mile we drive. I think my 510 just became my daily and I am pulling out the old feature phone without gps so I can unplug the speedo and bypass the system. Yes mr IRS man I only drove 50 miles this year... prove me wrong.
  2. So a few weeks back while I was at my boat dock someone backed their boat and trailer into my ram 3500 not once, not twice, not three times, but four times because you know once you hit it the first time you might as well really commit. Anyway so I drop it off at the shop and Enterprise brought me a brand new Nissan Armada. I guess they had to buy an entire new fleet cause they sold it all off during 2020 to stay afloat. The truck is metallic grey and looks fantastic. It had just under 50 miles on it (very important for later) and the leather and wood grain all had that new smell. All I could say was wow nice. I hopped in really stoked as my truck has cloth seats and outside of A/C the options stop there I mean it’s a work truck after all. So I started going down the road and it seemed to ride nice right up until I got to the twisties on the back roads by my house. I suddenly felt like I was driving the e350 conversion van from the 90’s with 200k miles from when I was 18 doing ikea furniture assembly. The body roll was awful. Trying to still give it a fair shake I wrote it off as well the vehicle is real top heavy and the V8 has some balls to it so I can look past it... and then I hit a bump... now it’s well documented how bad the bump steer can be on a 510. Let’s be honest though that’s a vehicle from the late 60’s though so it’s not a surprise. This brand new Armada though has way worse bump steer though I mean to the point of trying to link you into oncoming traffic bad. What’s worse is unlike the 510 it doesn’t weight just over 2k lbs it weighs like 6k lbs and is top heavy making it extremely unstable. Oh and then there is the annoying two sets of three honks when you say leave the car running and step out of the car and close the door that I just hate lol... Now I know it’s no secret ever since I owned a brand new rogue for three months before trading it in on a Mercedes that I’m not a huge new Nissan fan but to be fair most of that negativity came from a dealership that lied about what options were supposed to be on that rogue and not the car itself so I really did want to like this suv even though because usually I get some piece for a rental but I just can’t in good conscience say this is a good car. No, the Armada just reminds me of that video of the 50’s willy’s Jeep bouncing down a grassy hill before flipping over end over end to demonstrate its instability. Maybe this was just a poorly assembled one cause every manufacturer has a few lemons but if this is what Nissan is building it is no wonder the company has serious problems not to mention a bad future outlook. They really need to take a page out of the Datsun book and even the Godzilla era and start building vehicles like that again. Who knows maybe they were always like this and I was just jaded by the cool factor of those era’s. I mean after all I do own an RX7 and yes it still has a rotary which with all the issues I would never swap for some piston engine cause... well... the Mazda goes mmmmmmmm!
  3. I know it’s a little late for the east coast where I am but wanted to post this. America is the greatest nation on this earth. As someone who has lived in South America, Africa, Europe, Syria pre civil war, and in Asia. Even spent a while in Canada which minus the cold was really nice I am confident in saying that. And yes I know it is my opinion but at least I have some actual personal experience to base it from. Sure we aren’t perfect and other areas of the world all are nice but the one thing we have that no where else has is a constitution that guarantees us all unalienable rights many of which are unique to the US. In a time where the news media would lie and have you believe that we have the worst racism or other problems all I can say is go live around the world and afterwards feel free to argue. For example Africa has far worse racism and other issues as at any given time there is a region in the continent actively engaged in ethnic cleansing there. Anyway I’m not trying to go political here and for anyone outside the US I mean absolutely no offense to you or your nations as everywhere I have lived around the world in my youth was great and I would live in most of those places again but I have pride in being an American and what this country is and strives to be.
  4. How come none of what you said applies to "green" solar power companies that are building solar plants in wooded areas. Case in point the EPA and green energy consumer alliance approved Spotsylvania VA solar plant where they purchased 9000 acres of land from loggers. 3000 were already completely cut to the dirt at the time of the sale. The plant then took that 3000 acres of barren wasteland and called it a wildlife preserve and cut down the other 6000 acres of land to the dirt, burned ALL of the cut trees, and put up their panels. Panels mind you that even if the electricity needed to manufacture them came from non fossil fuels still takes 20-25 years to be carbon neutral never mind they have a 20 year lifespan. That by the way isn't taking into consideration that the materials needed to make them of copper, gold, molybdenum, and most importantly lithium for the batteries can only be strip mined and have more devastating effects on the environment than nuclear but I digress. The point is was anything you said morally wrong? No, but if that standard is only applied to the individual then it becomes amoral. EDIT: Just so you know my frustration isn't at what you said or at you. My frustration is with a system that penalizes its citizens while catering to organizations that can afford to provide handsome campaign contributions needed to sway legislation in their way.
  5. This is why I pretty much look to Epoch News as they tend to be more in the middle on issues... That said I don't think there is just one perfect choice anymore. You pretty much have to pool from sources to get an idea of what is really going on.
  6. So I grew up as a military brat. We ended up in Virginia and I never quite understood the obsession either way with the flag. For starters everyone knows the confederacy lost and frankly will never return. Yet for some reason the perpetually offended can't let it go. People in the south don't look at it as a symbol of a time forgotten either. To them its just a southern thing that they mistakenly argue as a part of their heritage. Honestly you typically don't see it all that often until the perpetually offended come out of their mothers basements to cry foul and suddenly it is flown everywhere. Sorta like one whiff of gun control and everyone lines up at the gun store to by guns and ammo. Now again I mention I was a military brat and went to DoD schools till we left Europe shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall. So, when I got here I couldn't figure out what was all the fuss over the flag of a failed rebellion until I got older. I see it as merely a theatrical prop to increase division. You see the left will call it a symbol of hate and brand everyone that has one even a black person for that matter as being a racist kkk lover. The right rallies everyone to take up the cause and fly one while seemingly falling for the trap and says I have minority friends so im not a racist. The left in turn uses that as proof positive that they are racists. Then the right responds by..... see the pattern? It is all smoke and mirror theatrics designed to trap both sides into a tit for tat argument with no end. Now I don't think that most of the people on either side are actually <insert boogeyman name calling here> but I do believe that the people pulling the strings behind both sides that are delivering the messages stand to gain from our division. In the end neither race, gender, sexualr preference, religion, or some flag has any bearing on the fact that we are Americans. A single fact that unites us and is part of our very fabric of life. A fabric that I imagine these puppeteers would love nothing more than to destroy for their own gain. Its long overdue for people from both sides to stop arguing and to start looking closely at their leaders actions rather than worrying about what the other side is doing. I suspect that will never happen though.
  7. It’s simple. Her father protected her pedophile brother and so does she to this very day. She also defended Clinton for his many rides on the Lolita express. She is an ally to pedophiles and sex trafficking which is why the dems want the southern border opened. Think of it if they really wanted open borders why is Canada locked down? Anyway that’s why they keep here there as she gets the job they want done done all at the cost of innocent children’s lives but it’s okay now cause they painted butterflies on the walls of the soon to be trafficked children’s shipping container cages.
  8. Like I said he sounds like an idiot and uses the wrong words. As for the below. They use controlled burns as a secondary option in managed forests where they clear out all brush, debris, and dead trees out here in VA around heavily populated areas and we don't have any issues with injunctions. https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard/2020/controlled-burn-in-virginia-brings-ash-and-smoke-to-dc-area Its not impossible to do, but yes it is only one piece of the puzzle. Adequate resources for responders and early detectionwarning are another major piece. As far as building better homes I really don't know how you build a home to not be flammable. Even concrete burns if the fire is hot enough. But even if there was a miracle material it would take 30-50 years to replace the average home already in place.
  9. Yeah he sounds like an idiot and uses the wrong words but he isn't exactly wrong. Getting rid of the brush, leaves, and undergrowth is a proven strategy to preventing forest fires. Lots of places already conduct controlled burns, and yes manually get the leaves and dead limbs out of areas where controlled burning isn't possible like on a hillside to lower the chances of wildfires. I guarantee you if anyone else were to say this no one would think it was dumb. Just saying don't let your own personal bias stop you from seeing past the bullshit. I didn't vote for him but I have enough common sense not to be influenced by a bunch of sock puppets on MSNBC or CNN.
  10. To reference Ancient Rome here. We have already crossed the rubicon. You can thank the media at large for years of putting everyone to one side or the other and then demonizing them at any chance just to get a reaction for ratings. To be fair here everyone regardless of sides has legitimate grievances but there is no longer an avenue of which to have healthy debate to resolve those issues. From what I have read one of three things will happens. A Trump re-election will most certainly result in prolonged soy fueled rioting and Intel rage. This will likely escalate as feeling emboldened by his victory Trump will crack down only deepening the unrest and causing issues for years to come. A Biden victory will likely result in conflict as Biden would likely embrace socialist ideals in tandem with an effort to remove firearms from anyone in opposition. In response to any organized conflict he would attempt to mobilize the military or the guard who would disobey his orders as they are sworn first and foremost to uphold the constitution. This would make America look weak and China or Russia would likely try to exploit this by attacking targets in Eastern Europe and in the Asia pacific. I.E. we would be plunged into war with a dementia patient at the helm who has shown he has no intention of standing in the way of increased CCP influence in the world. This will leave the country all alone and likely the ultimate end game target for Russia and the CCP. (Look for them to challenge the financial systems following small displays of force to highlight our weakness to the world.) Or regardless of who wins they will be unable to do anything outside of using flimsy executive orders. After the CCP coronavirus cabin fever dies down people will just go back to not caring about anything, the protesters will be back to work and just won’t have the time to protest, and people will continue to whine about the other side online with little changing as our nation continues on its path towards eventual destruction drawn out over the next 35 years. If I was a gambling man though I would bet Trump wins and the third scenario I outlined comes to pass.
  11. One more pic of the other side
  12. So I can’t quote you all here but let’s get down to business. The panels came in and honestly I am impressed. These truly are a steal at the price too as any cash you save with sheet metal patches will be eaten up in time and headache as well as potentially having to redo the job. I have gotten panels from the factory for other vehicles that didn’t look this good. When I ordered I told them I wanted everything thing and they took very good care of me. I even suggested a spare tire well since my car while rust free was bottomed out and I’d rather get new stamped panels than fix the dents myself. Fingers crossed that’s in the works. The panels appear to be accurate and measured out perfectly. The side rockers even had the holes with threaded blocks for the seat belts. I couldn’t have asked for more. I’ve attached pics of both sides of the panels. I will note that there is a ding on one of the corners but that was thanks to fedex but nothing that who whacks with a hammer and a dolly can straiten out. to give a backdrop on the company they have been making panels for VW busses for quite some time and from what I could see they were highly rated on the samba with is the forum for all things vw air cooled. Give em a shot I think you will be happy.
  13. An update. I just bought all the panels they offer for the 510. I called and spoke to them even got to talk to Gerson as well. Real great person who has been making body panels for years. Anyway I will update with some pics etc when they come in.
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