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L20b engine noises


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Hello fellow members I'm a complete noob so I must ask here today I was driving my truck since I missed driving it, it was a daily. I have a newish daily now so I'm letting my truck rest... Any ways I was on my way to work drove it about 3 miles I was at a stop light, released the clutch held the brake and suddenly I heard a noise sounds like a bearing running dry ( meaning no grease) long story short though it was a throw out bearing from the tranny popped the hood open noticed that the noise was not coming from the tranny but from the front of the engine ....


The engine had oil and it hasn't over heated.


The noise goes away after 10 mph then comes back of when I stop


I don't want to take it apart just yet .. I was wondering if this had happen to any one of you and if you can point me to the right direction



I just want to know what might of gotten ruined .. Thanks for your help

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Rule number one. When something goes wrong, first thing you do is think back to the last thing you did on your vehicle. Second is... never assume that a new part can't be a bad part. In fact that's the first thing I would look at. Maybe the adjustment bolt came loose or the mounting bolt.


If ok take the belt off and spin them. A bad bearing will be rough to turn. Water pump will often be wobbly.

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I've seen alternators comes with the wrong fan installed or a slight bend in the fan causing it to hit the alternator body. That's definitely a metal on metal sound.


I've also seen larger fans installed that interfere with the alternator mounting brackets.


Just remove the belt and see if the noise stops. If it does, then you know it's in the alt or H2O pump.

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Oil and charge lights should come on when you turn your ignition key to ON. This is the test that they work every time you go to start your car. I was thinking low oil pressure.


Light rod knock is pronounced when the engine is revved suddenly if in neutral but usually quiet when engine is at a steady RPM or idle. It's more noticeable under load in gear. It's like a muffled sledge hammer hitting the block in time with the engine turning. It's not a higher pitch rattle or tap.

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