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1975 datsun 620 electronic distributor


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If it doesn't fit because of that upper ring on distributor shaft ,, take that part off and take it down to machine shop and they could turn it down in a couple minutes... Even old guys with tiny bench lathes can do it in their garage,, ask around


That part comes off by a screw down the center of shaft right under where rotor sits  ( covered by felt usually) and unhook the springs,,, Super easy ,,, try it



Maybe cost you as little as $10. if you ask someones grandpa to do it for you. I have "professional" shop do them for me and they charge $20.



Way cheeeeper than matchbox since you already have pertronix







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Just for your knowledge, the only reason that a Pertronix would make your truck run better would be if it was masking internal wear by its inherent fixed dwell.  Points drag on the distributor shaft, and the timing curve is designed around that drag.  Remove it and timing changes - usually not for the better.  I highly recommend against cutting up your distributor in a lathe (single points right?) because its one of the best distributors you could put in your engine.  The Matchbox distributor has a great reputation because the advance curve is much improved over the points distributor, BUT if that advance curve were put into the points distributor, the points distributor performs much better overall.  

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75 L20b  should be single point Big cap dist. I had one ground down.

Pertronix list them wrong on later datsuns. I had a Mitshibishi (L series import)dist that it fit on also  but really listed as a 68-69 single point and SSS point ignition



besides milling the ring above the point lobe you got to dissamble as sated and disconnect the vacum advance plate also

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I'm back to point 1 again. I was able to cut down the distributor shaft and installed my pertronix, but now my truck is running very sluggish. The reason i wanted to go electronic was

because my point kept burning out. I'm getting very desperate because i want to drive my truck.   can somebody please help me. Thank you

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The only way to make the truck run better is to get a distributor with the correct timing curve built into it (nothing to do with points/pertronix).  There are 2 solid options: run the matchbox version which came with a good advance curve or have the original rebuilt to repair that advance curve.  Pertronix will do nothing good for you except mask the side effects of a worn out shaft bushing.  Generally speaking, they make the engine run the same or worse if your distributor is in good shape.  

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