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What's the difference?


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King Rat, so you'll leave this thread open and personally troll it because why?


Because it was started to question practices by you personally?





And at the same time someone starts a thread to question and bring to light the possibly shady sales practices of a long time member and you personally lock the thread TWICE to protect face of the accused member.


WTF and my point exactly. Fuck this. Post count matters and nothing else.


 Actually it was to fulfill my quote about insomniacs. uuuh the jury is still out on that. If you are serious about closing this, I can.


Trashy's post was closed by agreement the first time as being pointless to go on for the time being. I reopened it at the agreed time and it continued with new revelations. Trashy began a cyclic repetition of the same complaint so rather that everyone jumping in with comments (insomniac style) it's returned to the back burner until there is something new or is resolved. Where it will re-open and continue. Nothing has been edited or removed and I would like to see a satisfactory conclusion.


I think there is a lot more I could have done, but did not, to "protect face of the accused member." Geeze it's at 5 pages and 81 posts. Like you said "post counts matter".


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Wow. I didn't start this thread to make a bash the mods thread. True I was just bitching but that wasn't my point.

But I was done here


And if it is your will, mods please go ahead and lock this thread before it turns anymore into a paradime ranting response thread.

You guys do do a great job

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