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In my brief time at Ratsun folks like datzenmike & LenRobertson have been kind enough to take the time to help this new datsun owner learn a bit about up from down. Ive also gleaned that if you are going to impose your automotive ignorance on others its good form to first get a decent manual to work from. (I would avoid Chilton).


Maybe the service manuals are somewhere on ratsun and I just didn't see them....(which wouldn't surprise me).... but if not, here are as many links to  PDF's of service manuals I found offhand at a few sites, in the hopes it helps someone out. --- A big thx to the OP's who scanned these and the sites hosting them.


General Datsun

Tune-up Specs

Torque Settings

J15 Specs

L16 OHC Quick Specs

L18 OHC Quick Specs

L20b OHC Quick Specs

Weber Air Cleaner Template

Nissan Hitachi Carb Service Worksheet

Datsun L-Series Air Conditioning (200sx)

Datsun L-Series 5-Speed Transmission (200SX)

Datsun L-Series Automatic Transmission (200sx)

All Datsuns (1963-1970) Maintenance Quick Guide


Datsun Engines
A10 / A12 Engines
FJ20 Engines
J13 / J15 / J16 Engines
L14 / L16 / L18 Engines
L20 / L24 / L26 Engines

Nissan L20b Engine (200sx)

Nissan L16 & L18 Series Engines


Datsun 1000 / 110

1000 B10 Series Service Manual

1000 and 1200 A10 A12 Station Wagon Sedan Pickup

1969-1973 1200 MODEL B110 Series Service Repair Manual

1973 1200 MODEL B110 Series Service Manual



Datsun 200SX

1979 200SX Service Manual

1980 200SX S110 Series Service Manual

1981 200SX Service Manual

1982 200SX S110 Series Service manual

1983 200SX S110 Series Service Manual


Datsun C210

C210 SkyLine Service Manual

1975 B210 Service Manual

1976 B210 Service Manual

1979 210 Service Manual Model B310


Datsun 240Z
240Z (S30) Service Manual (undated) – Part 1
240Z (S30) Service Manual (undated) – Part 2
240Z Service Manual Supplement
1972 240Z
1973 240Z
L24 Engine Service Manual


Datsun 260Z


Datsun 280Z and 280ZX


Datsun 310

1979 310 Factory Service Manual

1980 310 Coupe Hatchback Deluxe GX Service Manual N10

1981 310 Factory Service Repair Manual N10

1982 310 Factory Service Repair Manual N10


Datsun 320 Pickup
Datsun L320 / NL320 Service Manual
Datsun L320 / NL320 Service Manual v2

1961 Datsun 320 Introduction / Service Bulletin
Datsun L320 / NL320 Parts Catalog
Datsun L320 / NL320 Parts Catalog – Japanese
Datsun L320 / NL320 Collision Estimator

Datsun 320 Pickup Wiring Diagram


Datsun 410 / 411

410 / 411 Parts Catalog

410 Service Manual
411 owners handbook and Service Manual

Datsun 411 Wiring Diagram


Datsun 510

510 1300-1600 L13-16S Sedan, SSS, Station Wagon Workshop Manual

510 & Pick-up range: 1968-1973 Workshop Manual Maintenance & Repair

1968 – 1972 Datsun 510 and Pick-up Service and Repair Handbook

510 & PL521 Pickup Service Manual

1969 Datsun 1300 1400 1600 1800 Bluebird 160B 180B Service Manual
1968-73 Service Manual
1971 510 Owners Manual

1979 Service Manual

1980 Service Manual


Datsun 520

Datsun 520 service Manual
Datsun 520 Collision Estimator

Datsun 520 Truck Wiring Diagram

Datsun 520 Truck Specs

Datsun 520 Truck Engine 1

Datsun 520 Truck Engine 2

Datsun 520 Truck Clutch

Datsun 520 Truck Transmission

Datsun 520 Truck Chassis

Datsun 520 Truck Electrical

Datsun 520 Truck Body

Datsun 520 & 521 Parts Catalog



Datsun 521

Datsun 521 Service Manual

Datsun 520 & 521 Parts Catalog

Datsun 521 Factory Body and Chassis Service Manual

Datsun 521 Truck Wiring Diagram


Datsun 610

1973 Datsun 610 Series Chassis and Body Service Manual


Datsun 620

620 Wiring Diagram UK and general markets

620 Parts Sheets pdf.gif

Emission Control System Vacuum Diagrams

1973 Wiring Diagram Manual Tranny

1973 Wiring Diagram Auto Tranny

1974 Service Manual

1974 Wiring Diagram Manual Tranny

1974 Wiring Diagram Auto Tranny

1975 Wiring Diagram

1976 Wiring Diagram

1977 Service Manual

1977 Wiring Diagram pdf.gif

1978 Service Manual

1979 Wiring Diagram


Datsun 720
Datsun 720 Service Manual


Datsun 910
Datsun 910 Service Manuals


Datsun Roadster
Datsun Roadster Service Manual
Cooling System
Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Datsun 2000 U20 5-speed
Roadster 1600 / 2000 Service Manual
Datsun Roadster Toshiba Radio Manual
1968 Datsun 2000 Wiring Diagram
R16 and U20 Engine Service Manual
SPL310 Service Manual


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Cool! Thanks for posting this. I immediately Bookmarked it for future reference. I have a couple of other sites with Datsun manuals Bookmarked, but as I recall they aren't well organized and have dead links.


I have somewhat of a collection of Factory Service Manuals that I look at rather often. The FSMs are so much better than Chiltons or Haynes. Depending on which model Datsun, a FSM can be inexpensive from eBay. I have an easier time navigating in a printed manual than e-version, but that could be because I'm an old guy. The links you posted will be great for models I don't have manuals for.



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That is a really nice gesture. There's not a member here that can say they've done more to help than you just have.

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Is it bad that I own like 10 of those?

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Is it bad that I own like 10 of those?

Lol, slacker :)
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Ah wow, thank you!


My uncle (once upon a time a mechanic and Datsun truck owner) just gave me his old Chilton manual (though it sounds from here that Chilton isn't that great?).  It sure is purty with its magenta binding though!

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FauxRoux, thank you and that's great for taking the time and downloading those manuals and will come in very handy.

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These manuals are great, still looking for '78 A10 manual..in our car, there seems to be a lot of wiring not hooked up and trying to make sure they are not needed...it wasn't running when we bought it..PO said it was running when parked, but they all say that.

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