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  1. Is it bad that the first thing I thought was this could be used in a weird porn movie?
  2. Ya this is a thing for sure. The reason I bought my truck was minimal rust (it came from Arizona). But I've been chasing electrical gremlins for years. I've got her mostly good. But stuff still pops up.
  3. Datsun 521 - Stock Equipment (to start) I've had to replace my master cylinders twice since I got the truck 8 years ago. This is insane. I know what you mostly see is made in china. But even parts from O'rillies and Napa seem to be crap. And I had a wheel cylinder from Rock Auto literally break on me causing me to loose breaks (Thank god I fixed the E-Break). Is there a brand that seems to last better? I'm getting annoyed by crap quality. Any help would be fantastic.
  4. How is it on rust? If it's rust free, I say go for it. You can pick up L20's professionally rebuilt for a song and have a brand new engine in it if you are too concerned. And the swap takes like 2 hours if you know what you're doing. I would talk him down myself, and pay no more than say 2400 IMO. But it's a reasonable price if it's straight, rust free and a good hard start. And I don't know the smog laws where you are. But if it passes, or you don't need to, score.
  5. Do you live on the central coast???? I swear I recognize where this was taken. If you do PM me. We might be able to meet up for funzies.
  6. I have one on my 521. Would it be helpful if I posted pics for you?
  7. What's funny is it's welded over the top. So if you look on the inside you can still see the DATSUN. I'm actually going to be removing my gate soon and cleaning it up to see how good the weld is, as it seems to always crack the paint right where I assume the seam is.
  8. My dad and I are going dirt bike riding tomorrow and were taking his F150 so my mom can go to. My truck likes our riding spot and comes quite often. It feels like leaving a friend behind. For fun, here are some pics of my truck and bike on our last trip: For those interested, the bike is a 2005 Yamaha WR450. I'm the original owner of the bike and she's done me good for all these years. Oh and the wood plank is a make shift ramp. I now have a nice folding ramp that fits in the bed which is sweet.
  9. All good points mike. If I use any of those, I'll be sure to cite you. I actually have the first chapter / Intro about laid out and am working on chapter 2. Now this is for much more than just Datsuns. But being a Datsun owner, I will be utilizing them of course. It won't be a big book, and will be filled with photography (that I've taken). Like I said, this will be a coffee table book. At least what I'm shooting for. Any direct quotes from you all though, I will cite you if you like. Most of this I would like to use my own wording. But more often than not, a different point or person can really add something.
  10. I'm gearing up to write a fun coffee table book. I use to write all the time. But haven't for years mostly due to work. So I wanted to write something personal to me. I have personally owned 5 classic cars and I can't count how many motorcycles. My dad has always had some form of classic my whole life too being a big influence. It's been a while since I have written anything to this scale and I'm still in the note taking portion. To outline my direction and path of the book. I'm posting here to see if anyone has anything they would like to contribute and/or some basic ideas for the book. There are the cliffs of my notes as it stands: The Zen of Classic Cars Notes: Introduction (What is a classic and why zen) Mechanics (Joys of working on your own car etc.) Driving (Sports or other) Speed (Joys of fast and slow vehicles) Pride (of your accomplishments and the lovely random compliments) Beauty (Old cars just looked better) Simplicity (The advantages of the simplicity of older cars) Cost (The advantages of old vehicles monetarily. But the possible down sides too) Function (Not function as in reliability [maybe touch on that], but function as in space, storage and actual functionality) And input from you all is appreciated. And I will cite any direct quotes I might use. But for now, I'm not looking for exact information but just some basic outlines so I can make a cohesive direction in my writing.
  11. Been a few years since I've been able to make it to the Z show. Decided to look it up as it's usually early. Not finding anything. Is this still being held?
  12. I know right? And this battery had periods of sitting too, which is horrible for them. But it's something that people don't often think about when driving. This stuff that wears out, gotta keep up on it.
  13. On my way to work today, I pulled in to get gas. Truck wouldn't start. Was able to get her going with a push start, and then it ran just fine. Even started starting again. On my lunch, went to O'reillies. Battery is shot. It's 7 or 8 years old. And you are supposed to change them every 5 years. This is just a friendly reminder to have a think of how old your battery is. I could have easily been stranded for something I should have changed a while back.
  14. I'm jealous of your guys systems. Mine leaked like a sieve so I pulled it from the system. I have a complete unit from a 280z that I'm looking into getting hooked up kinda. But I haven't got there yet.
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