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  1. Eomund

    OEM radio question

    With Bluetooth if I can. I think I have a solution. I'll post up once I know for sure.
  2. Eomund

    OEM radio question

    Ya pretty much. I would like to use the stock hole if I can. Doesn't need to be original.
  3. Eomund

    OEM radio question

    Thanks mate. Now if anyone knows after market that would work too I'll be set
  4. Eomund

    OEM radio question

    I finally got a replacement dash. So I actually have a spot for an OEM or OEM style radio. I'm not finding anything OEM for a 521. If possible I really wanna use the stock hole if I can. Are there any other cars that match up? And/or what have you all installed?
  5. Picked up this bad boy today. It's older and a little rough. But it matches the truck well. And I can give it the tlc it deserves.
  6. Located one. Needs to be polished. But it's in decent shape otherwise.
  7. Hi all. Long time no post. Right to it. I need one. Mine is starting to fall to bits. Are there any after market sources to get new? Or am I going to have to find used. Would like new if I can find one. I've been slowly restoring my interior. Will post progress pics soon.
  8. I already have wood door handles. I'm going to make some new ones and stain them to match. I'm looking into how to make wood door cards too. But I need to figure out where to get wood thin enough. Either that or go with aluminum and veneer. Being a wood worker, that's usually the first direction I take, or at least look at lol. Fyi. I'm looking into making a wood camper shell.
  9. Finally got around to replacing my dash on my 521. As you can see, it's non existent and toast. The speaker and tablet was so I could have an am/fm radio for the drive in theater. Imagine my delight when I found I could pull the whole top of the dashboard. Now I wond deny, it was still a pain in the ass. But I got the thing off. While I worked on the dash too, I made a cardboard cover to protect the wires from the sun. Here is the initial fit up. I didn't take any pics of the measurement work. The wood is an oak plywood, and a basic pine trim piece from home depot. I used a high bind wood glue so I didn't have to worry about nail or staple marks to hide. I honestly agonized about what color stain to use. I decided on black as I figured it'd be more subtle. Here is the stain before clear. I was thinking of going darker. But I really like how the stain popped. So I stopped there. Here is the finished product. Sorry for the poor light. I finished installing it after it got dark. I made up a few custom brackets to mount it up. I'm pretty stoked how it came out.
  10. Eomund


    Drum brakes, if maintained, can stop as quick as disk, as long as you aren't riding the brakes and heating them up. They do get fade worse, agreed. But I'm not racing it. I have new drums and equipment all around. And can lock my brakes up just as easily as if they had disk. That includes in the wet. And I have good rubber on them too. She stops good, believe me. I do get the adjustment comment. That is a bit of a chore. I don't know what datsun (nissan) was thinking. Auto adjust tech had been out a loooong time already.
  11. Eomund


    Am I the only one fine with the stock brakes?
  12. So it's been a...... Fun few weeks for my datsun. About 6 weeks back, my truck was broken into and vandalized. Someone yanked out some wires causing a short and smoked about 6 feet of wires. Now, while if I ever get my hands on this creep, either he or I will end up in jail. Since this, it cause a sort of chain effect of other wires failing. Silver lining, it is forcing me to finally do my much needed rewire job. 8 started with my fuse box. This is the condition my fuse box was in for 9 bloody years of driving. I'm honestly stunned the damn thing still was working. I don't think fuses are supposed to be structural. I've rewired a ton of the interior so far. And created a custom bracket for the gauges. I know one bezel doesn't match. I will be repainting the bezels to match. The electrical gauge is acting strange. Just hooking up the power, and nothing to the sending unit mount, it's showing max temp. I've replaced all the dash lights with led. Lights them up lovely and bright. For those who don't remember, this is the old girl. I do love this truck.
  13. Well. My username came from lord of the rings. So not Datsun really.
  14. Update. Figured out the issue and replaced the smoked wire. Turns out my button completely fucked up and turned into a dead ground. It's fried. I have a new one coming tomorrow. One more glitch which I'll fix once I get a second body. Removing the button caused a l wheel cylinder that's going out to suck up air. So now my brakes need to be bled. I knew it had a weep and I was gonna fix that next check. But I didn't know it could do that. Shell be back on the road tomorrow
  15. I found a wiring diagram here. https://ratsun.net/topic/45389-521-color-eletrical-wiring-diagram/ And it seems to confirm this. And the wiring path thank God seems to be simple
  16. So Had my brake lights go out on my way home. Fun times, I started poking around and was able to find a blown fuse. While working on figuring out where the short was I smoked some wires. the fuse in the yellow box is the one that was popping. This isn't my box, mine is sadly in much worse shape. If this image is to be believed, this fuse is only for the horn and brake lights. First, can someone confirm that that's all this fuse is for? I'm going to tear into it tomorrow and replace the fucked up wires. I just want to make sure I know that this is the only set of wires that can be causing this. any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Quick update. I lucked into a complete OEM unit that's cherry for a reasonable price. It'll be here Monday.
  18. Man that thing is cleeeeeeaaan.
  19. When I try it gives a message saying you can't receive messages.
  20. I'm not faulting the 10 years ago. Just shocked the info still exists. The internet isn't exactly great at retaining info lol. So he's got them set behind and the top and bottom slightly cut off. interesting. It allows the larger size and looks decent. I might have a source for an original from someone I hit up. So if that falls through, I'll look at this. But I do like this one. But OEM is preferred. I like the stock cluster.
  21. I know it's not necessary. It's just something I wanna do. Oh and I got a comfy bench. Installed it last week.
  22. Lol I think I need an address. I live 4 hours north of LA
  23. How much to ship to Lompoc CA. If you need a proper address pm me
  24. Where is this. I wanna try for March
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