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im sorry i hate to be a technical nit pick but this is by far my biggest pet peeve. It is a header(singular) and not a v8 which takes headers(plural), lol.


Anyway, my limited experience with this header is that my friend could never get his to seal correctly and ran like to or three custom gaskets under its surface. peace.

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Some thoughts on header:


+ they are nice and loud.

- they are loud.


+ cool looking

- they soon become rusty, ugly and leak and you stop opening your hood.


+ they add 10-15 horsepower

- finding out that you maybe have 5 extra horses but you have to go to 6,500

RPMs to find them.



- convincing yourself that the $100+ you paid was worth half the weekend spent removing a perfectly good and functional manifold, cutting a perfectly good exhaust pipe, removing the torsion bar and loosening the motor mount to install, removing the mounting bolts three times before you finally get the intake air leak sealed, and hoping that it will last at least a few years, or long enough for you to end this failed relationship with some dignity, get out the Saws-All and begin a trial separation, and finally move on.

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Guest DatsuNoob

Yes, I've wrestled one onto an L20b before. Let me start off by saying... IT WAS A BITCH!!! Removing the torsion bar for this project will not be necessary, however removing the radiator is a must. After you remove it, unbolt your motor mounts, and slide the motor and trans forward just before the driveline falls out of the slip yoke. This will allow you to cram 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bag. The header, if its a long type(if it's a shorty, dont bother doing all previously said steps) will sit very tight to the tranny and miss the torsion bar by 1/8". I think it would be a good idea to pad the torsion bar with a small chunk of header wrap or heat tape unless you like the clanging noise when you start your engine. I wish I'd've wrapped my header, they get way hotter than the old stovepipe exhaust manifold. Good luck! :D

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In my straight six L-series I installed headers. I would agree that they were much louder and I noticed no improvement in power. I think I got lucky and my header never rusted up. I had it on there for 6 years and probably 80K miles. I don't recomend it on engines that are not built up for larger intake first. Ported manifolds/dual webers, ported intake, big cam, all that comes first.

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