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  1. i just noticed i posted in the wrong spot. sorry bout that
  2. On Ebay some one selling a L-series Exhasut manifold flange, that's a start make your own turbo headers
  3. great job on the build EJB, just seeing the that 521 launch like makes me want to build my motor up
  4. with one or two resisters it does the same after a 15 to 20 minute drive. so the one wire hooks up to the negative side of the coil?
  5. turns out the they where bad and replaced with a new ones and run it with one it ran fine and then it started the jerking and i installed the second and it still does it. it might be the ignitor not sure though.
  6. i'm back again and installed the new coil and resistor and rebuilt the weber dgv 32/36 and my truck starting to be jerk again. i don't know what to do i'm guessing its the pertronics ignitor, i went to the junk yard and yanked out a dizzy from a 73 620 with single points and its a one wire set up. how do i wire it?
  7. thanx for the info, i'll take a pic or video of it
  8. Looks sick, still needs to be dropped a bit more in the back with a baby c notch
  9. Yeah that's what meant about the lows dimming when you flip the highs on. So to do that I need to run a different switch for the highs?
  10. i have the 240z 50 or 60 amp alternator
  11. has any body figured out how to keep the low beam from dimming down when the high is switched on? is there a wire that needs to be cut or looped. my light suck at night :mad:
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