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Angled Transmission Fix?


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Well, I took a big step forward on my project and dropped the engine and tranny into my 510.  But in the process I ran into an issue I wasn't expecting.  


It has an L18 and came with a stock 4 speed.  I got a good deal on a 5 speed out of a 1979 620 (or so I was told).  The transmission mounted up fine to the engine, but the transmission and shifter are leaning toward the passenger side.  Please ignore the hack-job the previous owner did for me on the trans tunnel - that is one of the reasons I put the engine and transmission in the car.




Do I have any options beyond getting another 5 speed?  Could I use the bell housing from the 4 speed?

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When the transmission tail is turned it also raises the back higher by several inches, as shown by the shifter being up inside the cab. This throws the driveshaft angles off severely and it will vibrate like crazy.


The rubber mount will be stretched and fighting against the horizontal mount bolts on the cross member eventually it will fail.


The easiest thing would be to modify the stock mount so that the mounting surface for the rubber mount matches the lean on the transmission AND have it lower so the transmission is in the stock location. Then bend the shifter and mod the floor if needed. The transmission will work fine in that position.


The four speed front case swap is also a fine idea, provided that you take a look at the position of the reverse gear back up light switch location. They are just to the rear of the shift fork boot on the passenger side...




Most are in the position shown above. You can see that there is a boss just to the rear that can be drilled and threaded and the switch mounted there.




Here the old rear switch position has been plugged and a new one drilled and tapped for the switch. Just beware that they may be this way. If the 4 speed is the same as the 5 then the case will swap normally.

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Research. There's plenty of info here about transmissions.



L series. Note center line of transmission is near the left side bolt into the block



Z series (or KA) Note that the center line of transmission is over beside the right hand block bolt




Left below. L series mounted on L series engine.   Right below is a Z series bolted to an L series engine. Notice how the rear mount can't stay at the same level but rocks over and up on it's right side?



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