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  1. jinx3

    Angled Transmission Fix?

    Thanks guys - I will see what I can find...
  2. jinx3

    Angled Transmission Fix?

    Well, I took a big step forward on my project and dropped the engine and tranny into my 510. But in the process I ran into an issue I wasn't expecting. It has an L18 and came with a stock 4 speed. I got a good deal on a 5 speed out of a 1979 620 (or so I was told). The transmission mounted up fine to the engine, but the transmission and shifter are leaning toward the passenger side. Please ignore the hack-job the previous owner did for me on the trans tunnel - that is one of the reasons I put the engine and transmission in the car. Do I have any options beyond getting another 5 speed? Could I use the bell housing from the 4 speed?
  3. jinx3

    What are these wheels from?

    Great - I recognize that green wagon pic now that I see it. Thanks for the info.
  4. Anyone know what these wheels are from. I know I have seen them before but am having a hard time finding information about them. At this point all I can tell you were they are 4x114.3 I am trying to get enough info to figure out if they would work on a 510 with 280zx front struts.
  5. jinx3

    Reproduction 510 sheet metal

    I recently received a tail light panel from Dave, and it is REALLY nice. I am very impressed with the quality. I will be ordering a few more parts in the future.
  6. jinx3

    Round two, Bagged and Boosted RIP

    Nice job - once I get the trunk/rear panel on my car finished I will be replacing my roof skin also. I have been putting the roof off while I got my floors all finished up. Are you going to just spot weld the roof skin in the drip rail channels? That is the part I am most worried about with the swap.
  7. jinx3

    B210 Brake Booster Spacers

    Charlie69, PM sent.
  8. jinx3

    Jacob's Goon Build - Now L19 powered.

    One option if you have a full panel is to get a couple double breakers - basically two breakers that fit into the slot for one (I guess they call them tandem breakers). I had to do that in order to get 220 in my garage. http://www.structuretech1.com/2012/02/tandem-circuit-breakers/
  9. jinx3

    Jacob's Goon Build - Now L19 powered.

    Your car is looking great. I really like those wheels - what are they?
  10. Looking for the spacers for a 1975-1978 B210 Brake Booster. See the picture below. This is for a datsun 510 sedan.
  11. jinx3

    Dats''nuts'' project

    Looking good - nice progress. I am currently doing floor repair also....
  12. I got some stock ones that I will be using. They will cover most of the repair, and I will just make patches for any other spots that I still need.
  13. Yeah I am really glad to be done with the sandblasting - that part took a long time. I replaced my first piece of rusty metal last night. I will get some pics up tonight. Small piece, but you have to start somewhere.
  14. I got my parts and they look awesome - highly recommended! Also, thanks for the info on using the 280zx ebrake handle. That is the route I plan to go.
  15. Started cutting out rust on the drivers side. The metal under the brace piece was rusted, so I will be replacing with good metal. I will do some more trimming on the front, but this is a start.

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