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620 Tailgate Chain Bed Hooks pulled out: what should they look like?

Cardinal Grammeter

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Looks like someone put enough weight on the tailgate that the chains bent the hooks and pulled off them.


It is not clear what they are supposed to look like.


Pic anyone?





EDIT:  It looks like the late model 620's used the bolt head style on the bed like the tailgate.  Unfortunately mine has the weak little finger hook you can bend with pliers.  WRONG!  (see after pic)


image hosting site


Oh wait... yep.... looks like....  those ORANGUTANS STRIPPED THOSE BOLTS OUT TOO 




I'm guessing its a shoulder bolt with a big head so that the chain is loose on the bolt but cannot come off?


But what does the bent out finger do?  Was there a rubber bumper or something there?

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DONE, well sort of.


Went to Home Depot and they had stainless steel chain(!)


And I found a combination of ss bolts, nuts, washers to "stack up" a shoulder bolt.


So its all in stainless.


Of course I have to take the bolts back and get longer ones and when I bot the chain, the OE chain was less than 1.5' so I bot 3' of chain and it was ONE LINK TOO SHORT!


It just never stops...


This chain is really nice, so I'm deciding if I should buy 18" or it or 39" of it and have a full 3' in my Hardware Drawer.

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Do you happen to have your own build thread for your truck/findings?



Having a thread allows you to keep everything in one place vs. having 30 different threads all over the place. 


You will find that other 620 owners will follow your thread and help you along your journey. 

The way you are doing things now, people will just ignore your new threads with a sigh. 



A new thread for every new venture with your truck just litters the forum. 

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EDIT:  I'm just thinking here, but when I'm on this site, I'm researching a specific problem or trying to find information.  So for me, its all about searches.  I rarely browse which means I rarely read build threads.  But that is me.  I believe some people mostly browse and rarely search (I had a friend who always browsed eBay and rarely searched which blew my mind!)  These are completely different experiences, each with Pros and Cons, each with different ways of doing things.


So, being a Searcher, I believe there is an advantage for starting a thread for a specific problem:


When I have a problem such as a fuel tank sending unit, I search for "fuel tank sending unit" in Titles Only.  I did this recently and it brought back nothing.  So I reduced it to "fuel tank" and there were two thread entitled just that.  And that was about it.  I picked the more relevant one and replied with my problem and questions.


If I search for All, I end up with too many hits most of which have nothing to do with what I'm looking for.  There is simply too much to sort through trying to find what info I need.


EDIT: Being a Searcher, I could and would Browse a component specific thread.


There are so many stand alone topics which are components, like Air Cleaners, Alternators, Starters, B.C.D.D., etc. and for me, it would be very nice if there were "official" treads for so many different components - rather than have all related information scattered about.  If I had a problem with a 4-spd transmission, it would be nice if everything everyone knew about them was in one place.


I still post to my build thread, where I mention problems I've solved without getting into the details.  But for me, the build thread is documentation of the project.  Like documenting a restoration to show a buyer what has been done.  But its more than that for me, funny stories, ironies, mistakes, disasters, finds, etc. anything of interest and of course tons of pics.


I am trying to include in my build thread, links to all the specific threads I started to address component problems.  I think this is a good idea because it has the best of both worlds:  component knowledge is kept in component threads, and it is referenced in the build thread. 


Now I'm about to embark on some upholstery broken spring repair and replacing maybe that burlap on the seat back.  Should there be a Seat Repair thread?  But it would be nice to have a thread about "Seat Upgrades" to find what everyone has learned about putting other seats from other cars in the 620.  That is a lot of very difficult to find information.

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