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The honey bucket- 1972 510 4 door build

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Hello Ratsun!


I've been looking at 510s for almost 2 years now and finally got my hands on this nifty all original single owner little light gold 4 door. I'm new here, been lurking around the community, and I've decided to finally make a build thread and learn from the most experienced datsun peeps out there. Super stoked to be here!

I'm originally from Marin County, CA but moved out to Portland about a year ago where I got the honey bucket out by Coos Bay- yes, rust rust rust... Here's some pics to get started, bear with me I'm not a very experienced on the forum scene.




After removing the rear bumper and some sanding. No clue how it was still hanging on- it also had a custom bulky hitch setup- why? 



This is to give you an idea of the rust in the rear section of the car. The rockers have rust in all the usual places and so do the rear quarters. Surprisingly, the floor pans, and firewall are all pretty solid. The frame has some pretty bad rust in the front. I'm thinking I might do a body swap at some point though... 

Many more (prettier) pics to come!


Cheers !


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Hi Simon, welcome to Ratsun.


The bumper is well bolted to the 'frame rails' but not nearly is this good for towing. Hell it not enough for a bumper. I would loose the tow hitch so you are not tempted to ever use it.


Bet this as an automatic....

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The bumper is well bolted to the 'frame rails' but not nearly is this good for towing. Hell it not enough for a bumper. I would loose the tow hitch so you are not tempted to ever use it.

Yup got rid of that junk  :thumbup:



Bet this as an automatic....

Nope original 4 speed!



Aftermarket rear panels are available to replace those rusted sections. Cool car!

Thanks, I'm going to try and fix it without spending the 500 bucks to get the new panels, and if I fail well then Ill just blow the money haha. I'm kind of hoping to swap the body at some point so temp fixes might be sufficient for now...

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Got a few things in the past few weeks, rear coilovers, 280zx wheels, roof rack and some under the hood necessities. How she sits today:


With my baby: (the bike that is)



More low very soon, should be doing front coilovers/280sx brakes this weekend (thanks @510keeper for the parts)!


Still can't decide about the wheels, plastidip-ed the fronts, I like the original look but that gold in the inner part of the spokes just looks goofy with the yellow (i mean "gold") paint... :sleep:

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  • 1 year later...

It's been a long time coming -- I'm really bad at posting stuff. I started working on the main bodywork so I figured I would share some progress pics:




ah, enough low!



Fresh bumper and trunk lid from another 510 I had. Very straight. A little less rust and a little more emblem. Why fix rust when you can just cover it with double mountain stickers and duct tape?

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I cant believe you guys are allowed to drive around with that much rust, here in Australia, you'd get your ass reamed by the cops any chance they'd get, let alone never passing a yearly registration inspection.



Damn that sucks. They let you do pretty much anything in Oregon  B)

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That being said, its time to get rid of the cancer:








Scored these panels from a buddy. They came off his 2-door build that he just completed before his car got totaled, bummer. But good news for me, the rear panels are pristine!


Getting started, drilling spot welds:




More spot welds! The left side was a joke, half the work was already done for me:




and done:




Ah, its nice to see that panel in the trash. Step one done!

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Thanks, it will be saved indeed.


Here's the matching hood:


might as well paint the whole car mint at this point  :sleep:


More cancer removal:






I feel a little uneasy about cutting that other patch so close to the gas tank. That also goes for welding. Thoughts about that? Thanks!

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Removed the tank for piece of mind.


Cutting more rust:



That frame rails a little rough but I think I'll be able to use it. Gonna have to hit some of the smaller rust holes with the mig -- I don't want to be cutting everything out.


Next step is the quarters:



The horizontal blue line is where I'll be cutting. The vertical one removes too much good material. 

The quarters have some of the trunk floor attached so I think it'll make the job a little easier:





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The cutting continues!


Drilling more spot welds:



And its gone




and so is most of the trunk:




The left bumper mount is a little worst than I thought:




but I have another extra panel with one in good shape:




nice. Looks like more surgery will be required...


I plan on welding in the left quarter before I cut out the other side. I'm going to lap weld just because I've never done external bodywork and it seems like it's way easier than a butt weld. Any good hand flanger tools out there?


This is the only one I found: https://www.amazon.com/Eastwood-Panel-Flanger-Flanging-Tool/dp/B003IWREWY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1485735985&sr=8-4&keywords=panel+flange


A little pricey  :sleep:



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