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  1. pretty rusted and uneven flange. I can probably try and change out the studs and sand it..but already bought a header so fuck it. maybe fix it while its off. Ha I know. Ive been trying to get those wheels since the blue wagon ant has been workin on showed up. Good thing were not in the same state! :P
  2. skyblue patchin up a little isssue on firstdimes pipe it was a beautiful day at the shop on Sunday
  3. got a 280zx 5speed at home. need -driveshaft shortened -finish shortening struts -install t3 shiiiiit -install header and exhaust -new windshield rubber for front and rear, change front windshield. $$$
  4. thanks for the T3 parts randy! and busta for the woolz
  5. finally got to cutting up my 280zx struts. gonna use the inserts I bought this past year that are currently in my stock 510 ones. much easier the second time around.
  6. napa # for new rubbers if someone needs it 60-1699...6 bucks busta and skyblue had a set of 510 linkage so I broke the rusty old ones out. it feels so good to have wipers even though it has stopped raining for now lol
  7. ahhh just a year ago and it was everyone helping me with my dime. DATLIFE GARAGE IS THE SHIT. also you can tell when its a dab break in the video lol
  8. :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: sweet!! so clean. missed out!
  9. the 3 mounting bolts are frozen really good, and the wiper stud. how did you break those loose? I dont wanna break em off because im pretty sure the 3 bolts are riveted or some shit to the bracket.
  10. god damn...so many dabs...i dont think we'd get anything done otherwise
  11. thanks for the tips yo! the torch with a heat shield is a great idea. Ill probably torch the nuts off then...shit. Thanks for the oic bananahamuck, helps a lot! you too ray! :hug: :hug:
  12. how about just torching the dowl thing that the wipers mount to? I feel like thats the only thing that needs to break free
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