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  1. DatsWeird

    Pic's of your Z

  2. DatsWeird

    280z abandoned in the desert...build

    Still have a lot of work to do on the interior. Got a couple old license plates to make into the toolbox lids; Somehow figure out how to wrap those strut towers, first attempt was a major fail
  3. DatsWeird

    280z abandoned in the desert...build

    Thanks man, love that kawasaki green to match the bike..keep people from running into me hopefully haha First day in the driveway :)
  4. DatsWeird

    280z abandoned in the desert...build

    Update... Got a great deal on some Chrysler FJ6 paint so here she is.. Interior pics tomorrow
  5. DatsWeird

    280z abandoned in the desert...build

    I decided to go with the proper ratsun look til I can afford some nice paint.. Fauxtina! :ninja:
  6. I was thinking the hole on the carb was smaller than the plate and sure enough 1 3/4
  7. It does appear smaller now that I look at it
  8. I figured they had studs welded when I saw the initial picture. Could use a smaller screw head but still can't get a tool to it.. Just find it odd these made it through R&D to be sold
  9. In the process of trying to get refunded; Going to have to go through the credit card company unfortunately. I thought about redrilling the filter cap screws horizontally but thought I'd give them a chance to make it right and let them know they have a faulty product but they could care less I agree datzenmike, I remember reading something about dual air filters setups losing power over factory air box with built in velocity stacks. That 60 dollar price tag got me though.. Off to scour ebay on the hopes of finding a stocker under a couple hundred
  10. Title says it all, SU Air Filter Set 650-275. They drilled the air filter cap to bolt vertically with the dashpot and it interferes with the backing plate. On top of that, it fits so poorly as to cause the backing plate to bow from the interference of the screw head on the dashpot. There's a 1/16th inch gap between the carb throat and backing plate, they said add a few more gaskets :angry: Guess what happens when the gaskets deteriorate and a bolt comes out inside the filter? And how do you get a tool to the top bolt without removing the dashpot? Its a phillips head btw. They won't stand behind their products, last purchase I'll make from them.. Thought I'd let ya'll know, these are priced at 60 bucks buyer beware. Here is the k&n version showing the bolts holes horizontally for attaching the filter tops. Hope Matt from zcardepot is a member on here; you sir are a :poop:
  11. Thankyou Datzenmike, I found this info in another post of yours. This is a california model manufactured 10/77
  12. One year only wiring for 78. Made the mistake of looking at 77 diagram, very little info about this but late 77 and 78 are internally regulated.
  13. DatsWeird

    Headlight gap between bucket.. Stuck

    Left the light/fender assembly alone when disassembled. Tried moving the bucket but adjustment is maxed rearward, butts up against fender. I can remove the two bolts on the radiator side and pull the panel containing the headlight forward but lamp angles up and holes don't align. I didn't notice if it was off before taking apart, only removed one fender to look for rust.. I'll snap some more pics and check orientation, maybe something is upside down

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