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1977 Datsun 100a F-II or F10

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Let me first introduce myself, my name is Thomas i'm a 19 yo Dutch automotive engineering student and I have been working on this car for the last year and a half. It first started as a simple restoration by fixing a few patches. Once I started cutting it turned out that the sills, the rearend, the doors and the front fenders needed to be fixed. Almost all the rust is gone except for the doors. This project has been so slow going since I could only work on it in the weekend and it will stay that way for a while.






Made a new rear end





Cut the rear arches out 6cm or about 2,5 inches



Fixed the front fenders



And how she sits now



And my inspiration



Now I need to tidy up the underside and get thet coated and I can start building again

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Very cool and unusual build. I dig it! Welcome. What are you doing for engine? Stock? Always wanted to see someone swap GTiR guts into one of these fwd Datsuns.

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Inspiration pic looks like a budget Kenmeri. I like it!!!

Exactly what I was thinking. Welcome to Ratsun. Great job on the metal work so far. I'm excited to see this come together.

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The engine for now will remain pretty stock, head will be ported and polished, custom headers and double carbs. But once the car is road legal I will go looking for an A12 and set it up like a Tomei engine with high power at high RPM's.

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I guess it's time for an update that's long overdue. The rust is gone, the underside is coated and things are starting to go back together. 

I put it on the ground for now without the springs to see how far I could with the suspension, I think it will be okay.



Enginebay is coming together.


Now I need to figure out sive, width and offset rims I want to run on this thing. I'm thinking about 14'' or 15'' steelies with the original hub covers and some nice flares. 

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I guess it's time for an update on this car.

I got a new engine for this car it's an GA14DE. I still need to clearence the pan to make it fit but it will sit like the original A10 ontop of the gear box. The plan is to make the fwd A12 clutch work with the GA flywheel.




Futhermore I got some new front brakes they are from an S13 I made the templates to get them to fit but I still need to get those CNC'd. I will do the back ones when the engine is in. Thanks to these brakes the original wheels won't fit so for now I have some 15x6 +45 steelies.

This is how she sits now


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Engine is test fitted in the dat with the custom 3mm thick oilpan, where the engine mount is fiited on to. Now I know I will have to modify the intake and exhaust manifold. 

The next thing on the list is to modify the A10 flywheel to accept the GA14 and then get the engine out and make it look good. Here are the pictures.






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