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  1. That's going to be a nice one. Wish I was in the market right now.
  2. That's the right approach. When I'm aggravated NOTHING seems to go right.
  3. My order of preference goes RB, SR or CA, LS. That does look like a rust free jigsaw puzzle. Good find!
  4. I'm interested to see how this comes out.... That's a lot of rust. Good luck, love seeing old Zs get a second (or third) chance.
  5. I'm not sure how you are having such a hard time finding someone who will paint your truck Gene. Is there a local tech school that would paint it?
  6. The setbacks on this thing frustrate me Duncan. I'm glad you can keep patient. It's totally worth it btw. The car is looking gorgeous!
  7. That is going on a really cool direction. Love seeing all the metal work too, great project!!
  8. If that was closer I'd pick it up. Damn West Coasters have all the fun!
  9. Better luck this time
  10. I'm surprised after all her years of overexposure to Datsuns she hasn't caught the bug. I didn't know that was possible. Im thinking she probably secretly likes them but doesn't want to admit you've been right all these years!
  11. Considering it's location and the fact that it probably was there a really long time.... That's a surprisingly solid looking parts car. New project for the wife??? You know, now that she's into Datsuns....or at least tolerating them.
  12. The inside of your fender is nicer than the outside of mine haha
  13. That's a bummer Gene. I'm sorry man.
  14. I hear ya. I'm definitely less of a ball of fire than I used to be too. Takes me forever to do stuff anymore. My kids get alot of my focus though. If I'm tearing something apart in the garage I usually end up rushing to get it back together just because garage time for me is so scarce. The seasons change before I finish stuff I used to do in one night. Tackling a job like your 510 would take years at the speed I go anymore.
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