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710 to SR


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LOL your hilarious...of course im going to do it! i plan on getting a job next month. and within 2 months of work i should have half of the needed 2,500 and my dad pays the other half and we get the enigne! so then progresivly adding upgrades...the goal is to hit half of 710-355ish....not sure how long its gonna take to get the money for those parts but hey, i have about another year or so before college!

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I guess I should look for a 305 (cu. in., not HP) and really smoke some Datsun ass!!


That engine from above in the car also aforementioned? Damn.


No Really,...Damn!

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Yeah, 305 would be interesting, but a little too heavy for the front of a 610. I'm just as happy with my L20B for now. I'm loving the look of the KA, but I also like the "sleeper" look of the LZ "home brew".


For now, stock is good...:rolleyes:

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yea man i had to do it...well im not gonna lie i didnt have to do it but i did it...! ok well heres the story i used it for a science project. and it really sounds tough...almost like a well built racing engine for lambo or something like that obviously its not but still its sounds really good im not gonna lie and really loud


you be the judge- before


After upgrades...exhust headers, and straight 1.5 inch pipe to the muffler....

tell me about the awesome shift too lol

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thats awesome man i envy that! i need my SR NOW! really it sucks when people punk on the mystery that some dont know which is a 710...and honestly how slow it is(mine at least) but still when the sr is in its new home...BEAST! seriously watch out (danny) a neghbor always punking the datsun bc he has a porsche 914 turbo 88 or 89 i think...everything changed when i rolled home in my friends skyline! lol the look on his face was priceless so imagine this...we go to a track, we race a 1974 Datsun 710 vs. A 1989 Porsche 914 Turbo...you would think the porsche has the upper hand and it sounds like it....but the datsun is a sleeper...holding over 350 horses ready to jump...who will win...THE DATSUN! yeah good day dream lol

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