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Noob sayin' howdy

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Hello all, found this forum and seems to be just what I was looking for. Been catching up on some of the threads; looks like a nice place to hang out for tips and advice, as well as parts swapping.

<----- I've had the world's most disreputable 620 for about 17 years now, drug it home on a chain and transplanted an L20 from a 710 into it. It is strictly a utility rig, done a lot of hauling and it can get into some pretty tight spots which is nice for yardwork and such.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Will probably have some parts to go into the forum when I get situated and get some pictures of them.

Oh, and does anyone know of a good site to list some mid-70's Toyota Corolla parts? Hate to see a lot of stuff go to the crusher if someone can use it. Thanks, Dan

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Hi there Dan, nice to have you no the forum :D Yep this is the place for Ratty Datsuns :D We all dream about having a nice shinny one haha


Sorry I don't know where to list Toyota parts, Craigslist maybe??

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Yes, I suppose I should have a look-see at that, seeing as I live fairly close by. I take it that Canby is to Datsuns as Oshkosh is to flyers and Sturgis is to bikers.

Jason, thanks for the link; like I said, hate to see usable stuff go to the scrapyard when someone might be wanting it.

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