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It's it worth it??


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Take for a drive. Try the shifts and the 4x4 gears. Front hubs loc/unlock? You sure they work?????  Check the front rubber covers on the CV joints. Broken, the CV as likely shot by now and they aren't cheap to replace. Oil all over the front suspension? oil leak on trans? the differential? Brakes work ok?


The broken exhaust studs are in the head not the block so I don't think the sellers knows much and maybe why it's a salvage title and he's flipping it (@$750 not much of a flip unless he got free).. maybe they broke them when it was 'rebuilt'... and yeah 60k is long past calling it rebuilt. It may still be a decent running engine though just the same. Running a header or without a muffler would be worse than a few broken studs.


Assuming everything is OK then this is a gem as a parts vehicle. With a door and some seats a good daily.

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