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77 KC Pizzazzy deluxe - new daily


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looks good next to the goon!




so long story short i bought this and drove it home from Eugene knowing it had issues. 


i still need to to a compression test and a leak down test to see where im burning oil.

Like the dog bro! Adds good detail to the 620.lol

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like i said on facebook we need to get our 2 trucks together the only 2 that i know of with the pazzazy striping on ratsun shoot me a message or a text about your idea for the roof and ill photoshop it 

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Well the 1st compression test had bad results.... But I don't know if I believe the tester I was using was any good so Nismo Dr is stopping by to lend me a hand in the AM, if the bottom end is as bad as I think(used 4 or 5 quarts in a 2hr drive) then I'll probably just toss this l18 In that I have and call it a day

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