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Identify this Transmission -


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Not a Roadster 5 or 4 speed although it IS a 4 speed.



The first Z car four speed was an F4W71A with the monkey motion shifter Used through '71.


The F4W71B was first used  on North American 240z cars starting Sept. '71 and up through the first year 280zx in '79.


It's a wide ratio F4W71B used before the mid '74 model year.



There was no North American 5 speed available until '77 as an option, but in Europe, the earlier Roadster 5 speed with a specially cast L series bell housing was available for the Z car.

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David, get a shifter and check the number of gears. I've never seen one, but rumor has it there were 5 speed, B shifter models with the top mounted "inspection plate".


I would have to agree with Doctor510 & Mike that its likely a 4 speed from a Z car or maybe 620 truck.


I have one stashed in my barn that looks just like it. Mine likely came from a truck as the only 240Z's I took apart had A type shifters.

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Have never heard of the transmission with the 6 bolt cover plate having been made into a 5 speed. For one there is no room in that transmission for the extra 5th gear and synchronizer hub and ring. If you look at the 5 speed below you can see that it is much wider further back towards the transmission mount than the 4 speed above it.


What are those round things on either side of the 4speed just behind the adapter plate? and one round one on top just forward of the 6 bolt cover plate? They are not on the 5 speed. Well that's where the column shift rods would go if this was a R4W71B. It came in RHD and LHD.

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