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510 spendometer attachment


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I recently purchased a 1972 510. One of the previous owners swapped the original instrument cluster w/o a tach for a cluster with a tachometer. I found the original cluster with a few other spare parts in a box. The original Gauge set has some sort of adapter or sensor attached to the rear of the speedometer. It is a metal cylinder with two wires coming off of it. The speedo cable hooks into the back of the adapter/sensor. Anyone have any ideas on what it is? My Google and forum search powers have failed me thus far.

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Sorry I thought i had inserted a photo.

 It currently has 4 speed manual married to an l20b.


The current speedometer in the vehicle works ok (a little bouncy at lower speeds). But when i was looking through the spare parts and saw this ... thing on the back of the speedo it peaked my curiosity. it has a label marked 211 and some Japanese charecters.



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Then it's an emission related thing. Standards have transmission and clutch switches. If in 3rd ot 4th and the clutch is up then likely you are driving down the road.  Not so on the automatics. There is a speed switch spun by the speedometer. Maybe it turns on at 20-25-30? MPH and activates/deactivates the dual points? One of the Datsuns has one on the speedometer cable out in the engine bay. I've never seen this kind.

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