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New member here with a project /barn find

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well after living and breathing 510s for a decade when I was young and forgetting more Datsun info then most have accumulated  then selling everything and moving on to other cars for 15 years , Im jumping back in the game with a mint barn /desert find 2dr... This ones been parked for 20 years but has a flawless body (AZ car) and fully built in the 70s with OG / period correct hotrod stuff .. 

Im super excited and except for updating a few things Im going to simi restore it back to its oldschool status as it was when parked.. 

Its got an L20 with SU's

Dogleg 5 spd

R190 lsd


Addico sway bars

and some BRE parts still in the boxes along with a garage full of parts including a freshly built (at the time ) L20..  

Ill be starting a build thread soon when I get the pack rats and black widows out  :)


The OG American Racing Libras are for sale if anyones lookin for a set 

And Im lookin for a set of side drafts , coilovers and big brake set up.. 


Excited to be back :)


Travis. 1981994_10152739531902034_70953189482255


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Welcome to Ratsun Travis, that's a nice car you found. Any parts you want or parts you have but don't want, put an ad in our classified section. There's a link near the top center of every page. Looking forward to your build thread in the project section.

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Hey thinks guys !! Pain besides obviously sun faded looks real solid . Years back I owned a detail shop so I think I can bring it back for the most part .

The AZ sun has destroyed every bit of the interior but that will last on the list .

And I suppose for the right price it could be sold . That wasn't the original plan but a couple people have messaged me plus I have 2other projects . I had actually given up on getting this thing a long time back but the old fella passed away and his wife called me and said he had saved my number from all the times over the years I had stopped by trying to buy it. :)

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