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I'm baaaaccckkkk


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I was a member of this forum until summer of 2013. I had a blue 84 kingcab. 



So, after a year or so..I finally found a new 720. 

This time it's an 85. I don't know much about it other than it runs and it used to be a burnt orange color. 

Current;y has a rattle can black with red stripes on the hood. Bought it from a guy today for 800. 


Runs really good except it idles a little high. But could be due to not having an air filter. 


It's a 5 speed, Hopefully I can make it look really nice. 


I will have pictures posted in the next couple of days. 


If I had only kept my ST steering wheel I bought. 



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I forgot what email I used for the other account I had. A lot has happened. 

First picture is from this morning. I need to do some cosmetic work, mainly paint for now. Oh, and remove previous owners plate on front.




This is just a cab shot. No stereo. :(




This is a picture form the craigslist add.





I drove it back home from an hour and a half away with out a license plate. But I had my girlfriend follow really close behind me. Didn't have any issues, other than it was raining and it wanted to "burn out" at every light. 

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I wanna say it was scurvycurr or something similar. I'm not 100%.



Ok all previous posts and whatnot is now under your Scurrvy account name.


.... hmmmm well your post count reflects the merging of two accounts but I can't find them.

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Looks like you have a good starting platform. I look forward to what ever you end up doing to it. :)



For now I want to focus on getting some of the small things fixed. It needs new marker lights, bumper lights, headlights, and mirrors. Previous owner got over spray on the lights. And passenger mirrors is gone. Going to go with fender mirrors I think. Then find some hurricane wheels and lower it. The interior I'm not sure yet.

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I have 3 inch drop blocks in the rear, if I had my bump stops, it would be just touching, I have about 3 inches of clearance without bump stops, I do bottom out every once in a while, and my back half of the truck is lighter than a normal 720.

If I had 720 4X4 leafs on the truck, I would have about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of frame clearance.

Right on.
you can't even go much more than 4" in the back without having to C notch the frame. I'm about to be at a 5 inch drop in the rear and I don't think bump stops are gonna be able to fit, even with them cut..

5 inch drop blocks, you will almost or you might be resting on the frame without the bump stops. 

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