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  1. You should move back in. I'm not comfortable unless my inbox in crammed full of updates from this thread.
  2. Bet W. don't even know he's touching something that came from the jay-pan.
  3. Haha, 120 why, why, why won't you die?
  4. i was sitting here thinking, man that was harsh, not like it was your car or anything...
  5. is fat's the last functioning A10 here?
  6. just want.. to ... save...

  7. there should be classifieds out for them, that way we don't have to hunt people down... and i know colorbox has been making new 210 emblems over in the 210 thread, surely she can make others, and if anybody gets ahold of a 3d printer.... but i digress. there should be semi permanent ads for stuff like that.
  8. Talking more on the theoretical side with that. Not really going to happen, but I'm just asking more about what I have and if there's any major hurdles besides "not easy". As for an original 510, if I find one in AL it will be ethier A) Rebuilt b) a complete car I won't want to destroy or C) way too much money. So that kinda gets theoretical due to lack of parts.
  9. I know, but good luck finding one. In the south no less. Z cars are just about all that's left, hardly any trucks anymore. I have a z car at my disposal... But I like your hard body idea better surely to be one of those around.
  10. Has anyone ever discussed putting the 240sx rear into a A10 coupe?
  11. I wouldn't really say the "right" tranny, I would say more like the smaller, harder to find, easier to break tranny... Or maybe to make it easier, the "can't go WAAAAhuAAAAAAAaaernAAAAaaaa" tranny.
  12. Same thing for AL. Their title laws make it easy for 35+ yr old cars. No title required, they would just take the vin back out of the state for a fee.
  13. Man, it was red, too. I would snatch that whole car...
  14. what if all the smiley faces were little animated rats instead of a yellow ball?

    1. flatcat19


      You must smoke some really bad pot.

    2. Raggleflaggle


      unfortunately, this is my sober state of mind.

    3. bananahamuck


      but that ain't none of my business

  15. did Jay Leno do a bit on 610s too?
  16. Raggleflaggle

    AWD 240Z

    so, uh, how goes it?
  17. they just don't make them like they used to.
  18. used to be much more activity here.... am i supposed to be hibernating?

    1. Farmer Joe

      Farmer Joe

      happens every year... this year much more so then years past though.

    2. nismo dr

      nismo dr

      no, not hibernating, winter is the time to lock yourself in garage and get the datto on the road

    3. Raggleflaggle


      *whimpers* but i don't have a garage..


  19. fuck it. live in a Winnebago. less space, less heating/ cooling, more space outdoors for a garage full of datsuns...
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