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  1. Scurrvy

    Floor pans?

    Hey guys, is there a site that sells floor pans? My driver side is rusted out by the pedals. Someone tried to rivet a piece of metal there but it isn't holding. I want to get this truck in good shape. Also going to be on the market for a decent bumper and grille, passenger side brake light assy. and lower valance.
  2. Sorry I have been away for a long while. I still plan on putting in my 350 SBC motor, I am going to start rebuilding it soon. I will look into the z24 and possibly sell it if rebuild it as well. Not much has changed or happened except minor maintenance things.
  3. Okay, finally got a stereo half way put in. Need to build a box for the rear speakers, and cut on the dash a little to fit the head unit in more. I have a 350 small block I want to fit in, I just need to get a transmission for it after that. (Needs rebuild) But it was free sitting in my dads barn waiting for me to use it for years now. So has anyone done it? I've seen one thread on some other site, I searched ours, but couldn;t find anything. Unless I didn't search the right things. But For now I just need to rebuild it and get another daily, then start cutting and fabbing.
  4. Oh my god. I haven't thought about building a wood bed until I saw this..so much awesomeness. The roof..did you add anything for support or does it matter? I want to do a rag top on my 720. Looks sick so far. Keep it up!!! Welcome to the rat pack.
  5. What brand is your carrier bearing? I need one asap. Just replaced my whole front brake assembly. and that was my next step.
  6. Scurrvy

    first 720

    Welcome to the pack! Pics!!!!' I miss my 84 720 kingcab I had, It had both Datsun and Nissan.
  7. Oh yeah it needs a wash and a wax bad. haha
  8. Oh yeah I cut off that exhaust tip as well.
  9. So after many weeks of waiting I got my truck to my dads and got it a bit lower. Pretty happy with it for now until I get some 15x10's then I'll lower the front a bit more. Here's some pictures. We cut out that piece of roll pan that was all funky in the middle there. It had so much bondo on it where it had been broken and P/O tried to fix it. Frame isn't super rusty like I thought it would be..it's dirty as hell though. I guess this is where a bump stop would of been? (was gone when I got it.) The blocks, 3" DJM blocks from summit. (Not snugged up in this picture.) Before and after. Sorry for pictures being horrible. (Camera is messed up on my phone,) She sits better now. I'll try and get better pictures soon! I'm also getting the standard cab one of these! Stoked!
  10. I need that seeeaaatttttttttttt if you ever swap to buckets or anything tell me how much you would take to ship it to me.
  11. Mine did that for a bit then I had to tinker with the carb and it finally stopped, used to back fire pretty bad too. The blue wire on mine has been cut, thinking of re attaching it to see if the choke still works, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  12. I was going to wait and get the drop spindles, but the more I look at my truck the more I just want to throw in the blocks and crank the torsion bars. So I'll just have to wait and see what all I can do. The weather has been wet here for the past two weeks haven't had a chance to actually do anything to it,
  13. Looks really good man! Motivating me to get mine looking that good! So you have 205's on all four?
  14. Well as of now, I'm putting it on hold until I get new shocks and some drop spindles. Because the weather isn't in my favor lately. I would like to do it all at once instead of waiting a to do the shocks when I could just buy a set and put them on while I already have it all apart. Just need to buy the shocks and spindles when I have the extra moolllaahhh.
  15. Well yesterday morning I woke up to a flat. So I bought two new tires for the front of the truck. In the process of taking the wheels off I snapped two of the lug studs. It only had 4 on it to begin with. The PO had them cross threaded. So I took about the brake assy, took the hub of the rotor and then popped in some new studs. So I have a few new shiny lug studs and nuts and the rest are chipped black painted ones. So here soon I'm going to just replace them all. So I didn't get it lowered. I believe it's going to rain tomorrow so I'll just have to wait. Oh well, Better dry than wet and cold. But all in all it was a productive day. Soon going to get a thrush glasspack to replace the flowmaster and diesel tip thats on it.
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