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H165 Rear Disk Brake Brackets


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Hey Folks I made a set of H165 disk brake brakets for a buddies 610 wagon. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in some. These brackets would be used on 610 wagons, 710 cars and wagons. Price would be $75 plus shipping.





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Are you sure it's H-165 and not H-190?



Up to July '73 all goons were H-165 diff. (this is just a few months)

From August '73 through to June '74 (the '74 model year) only the automatic goons had them.

From Aug '74 ('75 model year) on all goons had the H-190 diff.


All years and models of 710s had H-165 diffs.

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Look very nice. I also have the zx rotors and calipers. hmmmmm.... Probably need 14" rims?



Yeah probably do need 14" rims. He is running 280zx turbo wheels. I should have as many sets as you guys want made by the end of next week.


You won't need 14s. I have these brakes on my 1200 and 13" wheels fit just fine. 

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I just noticed ,, can you not use parking brake,,  or is that a optical illusion?


The calipers shown have the ebrake built into the caliper. 

A spring squeezes piston to rotor. 



Look at the goofy handle thing to the inside of the caliper. 

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The 280zx uses parking brake cables that pull diagonally towards the front of the car. The 710 sedan /goon and the 610 goon use a horizontal linkage across the back of the differential that pull directly inwards to the center of the car. I looked at this last summer. The zx rear disc parking brake isn't perfect but could very likely be modified to work..

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I Used The Stock E-Brake Cable From The Same 280ZX

And A 710 E-Brake Handle

The Stock 610 Handle Is The Same As The Trucks

710 Cable Is The Right Size

Stock 610 Cable Is Too Long


However You Cannot Use The 710 E-Brake Handle

If You Have A Swapped Transmission

Otherwise It Will Hit The Shifter In 2nd 4th Gear

You Will Need To Modify The Handle

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