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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/148812389@N04/28224075248/in/shares-7u3D32/
  2. http://rs164.pbsrc.com/albums/u18/zeusimo17/IMG_7727_zpsntkf1eun.jpg?w=480&h=480&fit=clip
  3. I Need That Tachometer :blush:
  4. Get Rear-Ended, Buy A 610

    1. Dattokai


      Get rear-ended, strip car's paint.

    2. MicroMachinery


      Get rear-ended by a 610

  5. They Are Just Jealous Our Cars Have Natural Weight Reduction
  6. I Have #300 On MR2 AGX W/ 225/45/15 Toyo RA1, Cusco Strut Bar, L16, -1.5 Camber, +6 Caster Seems A Tad Soft For Me In The Canyons.. Especially Downhill Thinking About Going 350 But I'm Waiting To Get A Stiffer Sway Bar Before I Make A Decision I Noticed After Switching From 280zx Brakes To Willwood, Swastika Wheels To SSRs, Cheap Tires To 100 Treadwear, Strut Bar. The Spring Rate Went Up Also Those AGX Shocks Are Really Cheap... Going With Koni Next Time Around
  7. I Can't Believe It's That Time Of The Month Again... Might Bring The Z Out For This One
  8. I Left Datsloco At 10AM... Couldn't Find Any Cool Parts Even With A Pocket Full Of Cash
  9. ^^ YES I Buy Everything Weber From Them!!
  10. Your Oics Are Taking A While To Load... Btw, Welcome
  11. Whenever Alex Takes A Picture Of My Pos, It Actually Looks Decent... :thumbup:
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