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72 Datsun 521 Build Thread [Miata]


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Thanks to Bob3 for the motivation his mx520 gave me to tackle this project. After stalling on the project for a year or two, finally decided I would attempt to do the miata subframe conversion. A lot of it is going to be similar to Bob3, I plan on running the ka motor though.




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Been a little while since an update. Got t-boned in my 240sx, picked up a 620 that needed a lil work and got sidetracked. I have been working on the floor of the cab. So far got one side almost complete.


A little closer



Took the ebrake bracket from the miata and wrapped metal around it. This will allow me to do away with the stock parking brake system. Used some weldable primer on the metal, which made for some crappy welding.


This piece will slide through the hole and fill the gap at the back of the transmission tunnel.


As an aside, has anyone ever seen an orange 521? Pulling up metal for rust repair, I found some pieces that were orange, makes me wonder if that was the original color.

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Tanker, if you've got some of the mounts for the bumperettes, I could use some measurements from those. Doing some rust repair I believe I found the original color.


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I have lots of photos of bumperette brackets, but to make a set of them, you are going to need to have them in your hands to actually make exact replicas.

I just make brackets from scratch myself, I imagine where I want the bumperettes to be, and I make a bracket to mount it there, but I would call them 1mph brackets, as they won't actually stop anything other than my shin, the reason I have to make brackets is because all my rigs are on 720 frames, the 521 brackets don't work on the 720 chassis.

How many photos you want?




















Here is a set of 320 bumperettes, not as rare as a clock, but way harder to find than 521 bumperette anything.


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Don't doubt that I could make a set, but I've never seen where the sit on the truck in person, very few around here. Do the bumpers sit just behind the taillights?

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Cool thanks, been slowly makin my way through his thread. Those bracket pics are gonna be helpful too. I didn't know they sloped down like that.

It's hard to get the idea of the shape of the brackets in photos, and they don't come off the frame straight either, they are mounted at angle downward and then angle to a level angle where the bumperettes mount to the bracket.

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