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White (Stock) Steelies: Yay? or Nay?


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I've been on the fence about them...but the thought had crossed my mind (while I wait for my chrome/gold 2-piece "phone dials") to paint my stock wheels white.

And then I saw this truck this weekend:




Now I'm REALLY starting to weigh it as an option on my yellow '84...

If I decide to rattle can, should I go with a semi-gloss?

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My truck is the soft, butter yellow...

It's currently sitting on stock (silver) steel.  I have a couple of beauty rings and center caps, but not enough to make a complete set.  I was debating a little spruce up with new rings/caps and silver paint, but then the option of white started to strike a chord.

In my initial post, I was wondering specifically if WHITE ever came stock.

These are obviously aftermarket, but it gives an idea of what the color combo might look like:


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My memory is a little foggy, but I seem to remember an 83 720 that my girlfriend (at that time) purchased new.  The truck was white and I THINK the wheels were white also.  I was a base model.

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Do it! I am looking for white steelies for my '80 720. Its a 4x4 and came with white steelies that had circles instead of the 2wd slits. Finding a set, let alone one with all four center caps, is another thing though... You can't beat the stock look of a classic!

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