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im looking to remove my belt fed fan im my a15

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I suppose I should have told my short story, I flew hanggliders for 20+ years, when flying you have to drive up hills/mountains, after I landed, I needed to find a ride up the hill/mountain to get my vehicle, I have gotten a lot of rides up the hill over them years I flew, 2 rigs let me down in one way or another, one of them was my 71 Datsun 521 with a 1600 engine, it did not have the torque to get up the hill unless I drove really fast around corners that were cliffs, the other one was a car with an electric fan(it was stock), I had to walk the rest of the way up the hill that night, as the electric fan failed in that car.

Now I am not saying that I have not seen cars/trucks over heating when they got to the tops of the hill with stock non-electric fans, but they did get to the top of the hill to entertain us while we set up our gliders.


BTW, I replaced that 1600 motor the next week with an L20b, never had an issue getting up the hill after that.

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hey whats up im looking to remove the fan thats conected to my water pump and replace it with an electrical fan please any insight would be help

full the engine is a 1981 a15 1.5L it also has a/c not sure if that helps thanks.

just remove the fan and snug the bolts back up, then mount your electric fan.

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