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  1. So as far as getting enough fuel to efi, I need a strong fuel pump, and injector(s) able to push enough fuel so that the mass air flow sensor can tell the CPU to dump More gas as the RPM's increase and the turbo spools?? Or is that not a correct assumption?
  2. I'm expecting 7-8 pounds of boost.
  3. That's why I came here, so I'd know what I'm getting into, and have a starting point for my research. I may do a blow thru, which one is likely to make More power? Draw thru is easier to tune with carburetors right? And with efi, either draw thru or blow thru is equally difficult/easy?
  4. Mocking up for an intercooler the other day, it's on jackstands now waiting for the trans mount, driveshaft and a few lose ends.
  5. *young guy disclaimer* "because I have it" isn't the reason I'm doing it this way. "Because I want to blow big motors out of the water with a tin can car and rubber band motor" is the reason I'm doing it this way
  6. Thanks for your VERY thorough and informative response. That helps a ton. I really don't think I'm gonna have to spend that much money on it, because most of the work I'll have left to do is fabrication work, being that I have lots of parts laying around. And as far as fabrication I have recourses to get done cheaply or myself. On the note of EFI, could I rip the computer, sensors,and throttle body off of another 1.5l motor (maybe a Toyota or Nissan) retrofit them on the A motor and run efi that way? Planning a draw thru setup as far as the turbo. Again, thanks. Pics shorty :)
  7. Lol my bad I plan to delete my old threads. Starting fresh. Just getting back active on here.
  8. Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here, but I've got plans for the car back in gear and a lot of parts. Planning to build my A15 with an h89 head (question: should I get the H89's cam as well?), dual DCOE 40's (which I have), and a Mercedes twin turbo (which I also have), I also have to track down a h190, or do you guys know how well a ford 8.8 rear end from a mustang would fit under the car? Also considering different year pistons? I've heard the pistons for the A76 head have a shallower dish than for the economy head. What do you guys think? My goal is to run in the solid 13's in the 1/4, and be fairly decent around a track. As always, pics to follow soon! She's in the air now, just rebuilt the transmission.
  9. point is, you were smart enough to pick an orange over a turnip....
  10. you might be able to find someone with a cnc machine or 3d printer who could replicate one.
  11. what year 200sx was your crossmember from? and which other years would be compatible? I'm considering a similar swap to yours.
  12. I've never found anyone...
  13. okay. What would be my best bang-for-buck motor? L20B or KA?
  14. my ride as of late.. B)
  15. Recent photo, after bumper was removed and the front end was some what straightened out.
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