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1981 Ka 210 build

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So I've read through this forum for a couple years now but never posted anything. I finally acquired a Datsun project and I figured it was time to start a build thread. I've had the car now for about 5 months and I've been daily driving it. It's a 1981 Datsun 210, 1200 4 speed. I picked it up in Goldendale, WA and its totally rust free. The last five months have been spent collecting parts for the build. so far i have,


full ka24de swap from a 1998 240sx ~ 115,000 miles

H165 rear axle from a 1981 200sx (which i bought as a parts car)

Struts from a 1981 280zx


a bunch of new parts for the motor to clean it up



hopefully there will be lots of pics of the build when I get started. 

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here are some initial pics 











this was the first project after removing the bumpers




these wheels and tires are for sale 14x7 with 185/60r14 about 90%




H165 all cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint




The donor 




My trailer full of goodies  :thumbup:

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So im going to pull the stock drive train next weekend, i have to say that it will be a little sad to pull out the a12. every time i get in the car the pedal is glued to the floor and it doesn't complain at all. im also picking up an engine stand today so i can start tearing down the Ka for cleaning, new gaskets, and paint. I also want to powder coat the valve cover. does anyone have suggestions for powder coating places in Portland?


also the stock drive train is for sale, it has 150k, and runs great, the 4 speed is super smooth and I managed to keep the H150 intact. and the previous owner mentioned it has a new clutch that he put in right before he parked it five years ago lol. it also has new cap and rotor, plugs and wires.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

I looked at how much i've spent so far. this might be good info for someone else who wants to do this swap. i may have spent too much on some things (being rather impatient), but for the complete swap including the axle and everything to get the car on the road im right around $3000.


this includes,

the complete swap that was $1200 (motor, trans, wiring, radiator, driveshaft, battery, cold air intake, exhaust,)

motor parts including gaskets, water pump, thermostat, single belt mod, timing chain kit, clutch & flywheel, paint, clutch master and slave - 500$

header - 200$

all new rear brakes - 200$

donor 200sx - 600$ (axle, cross member, steering box)

painless performance wiring - 100$

valve cover powder coat - 75$

240sx gage cluster- 100$


that's right around $3000 for a nice clean swap with lots of new parts. 



here's the color the valve cover is going to be, midnight blue cast (textured), i would like to paint the car midnight blue someday as well. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry I haven's posted anything in awhile. the Toyota Avalon took a lot longer than expected, but it has a new motor and it runs great. I pulled the Motor out of the datsun yesterday, and im going to clean and paint the engine bay this weekend as well as finish up the intake manifold.




I painted the intake manifold, now i have to put all the necessary crap back on.


I also got an OBX 4-2-1 stainless header and i got the valve cover back from powder coat. it looks fantastic. 



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  • 1 month later...

i finally got around to painting the engine bay and getting the Datsun back in the garage where it belongs. im back in school now so things are going to be slow. the intake manifold is still sitting there looking disappointing. hopefully ill have the motor in and running during fall break October 13-17th. i have every part that i need just sitting in boxes waiting to be installed. 










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  • 3 weeks later...

Progress is still moving along slowly. this weekend I got the rear axle and brakes put in. getting excited about the build again. I have a week off of school coming up and im hoping to get the swap pretty much finished up.

















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  • 2 months later...

it's been forever since ive posted anything. With school and work i havent really been able to do much. A few weeks ago i put the new flywheel and clutch on and mated the engine and trans and dropped them in the car. They are floating in there now. i began cutting a new hole for the shifter. need to make some motor mounts soon and get this project moving. i decided what im doing with the exhaust. I have an obx 4-2-1 stainless header, a walker glass pack and a Borla muffler, 2.25", and im just going to dump it right at the axle. i pretty much have all the parts, its just a matter of finding time to put them on. 




















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  • 8 months later...

Are those wheels ,, hubcaps or those aluminum spoke/turbine type ??  I don't know 200SXs at all so not sure if i'm wording that question right.



oh and if anyone wants 1981 200sx interior stuff, the car is on its way to the graveyard pretty soon. i have the complete tan interior. 



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