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New to me 620 KC


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So picked up this original as hell 620, mfd 10/78. love it cant wait to make this my DD and leave the 510 for the track. it needs a new carb, i have a known good one im going to install and some TLC for the oxidized paint. THANK YOU ERIC for the hook up on this beauty.














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whats with the fuse box?

idk is that not right lol...

So much winning on this truck!



clean it up and drive the shit out of it...


started cleaning the paint up and what a difference some polishing compound and some elbow grease can make.





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Hood toper on there before?


Nice.  Yeah its crazy how nice the paint can be once you polish it up.  

yup one of the previous owners had a MAC truck bulldog on there lol... going to stop the rust and put the rat and wrenches there lol.

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idk take a close pic.  see what's going on thuur.


this is a stock 620 fuse box





Your's looks aftermarket, careful of hacked wiring :(  Who knows, maybe its just something else they added for other jazz, might be fine.  Just never saw one like that. Looks different in the pic anyways

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I used turtle wax polishing compound and an 8 inch foam pad on my coordless drill. I do expect it to last because i checked spots with soap and water after i polished it. I then applied a liberal coat of good ol fashion turtle wax and buffed it with a buffer.

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alright, so here is the thing... motor is a dog. yes its an auto but it should feel better than it does. timing is on the money it does need a carb but i dont think that is it, because it idles great a little hesitation at part throttle but thats it, in the mid range there is a surge of power if you can call it that lol. so options anyone? 


eventually i am going to go with a different head and cam for low mid range power, i want to pull my 510 to the track with this truck, and be able to load it up and go wherever i want with the 510 on the back of it. this truck is so original that i dont want to do an eng swap, i could but i dont want to. 

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