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Someone check my work, my brain hurts...

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Ok, it's been a long weekend and there may have been much whiskey last night. I'm just a bit frayed around the edges and need someone to check the logic here.


Situation - Store demand from warehouse stock



DU - Total Demand

AV - Available units in stock

IB - Available units in warehouse, not stocked





Subtract AV from DU and only return demand remaining greater than 0 units = Unfullfillable Demand



Return DU unit quantity if the AV quantity is greater = Available Demand


if(Unfullfillable Demand>IB,IB)

Return all inbound units with demand if Unfullfillable Demand is greater than the inbound units = IB1


if(Unfullfillable Demand<IB,DU-AV)

Return only the inbound unit quantity with demand = IB2


IB1+IB2 = Inbound Demand


Final projection:

Inbound Demand + Available Demand = Estimated Fullfillable Demand


Simple process I think, just fielding this for some feedback before I continue to blow brain cells.






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