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R.I.P. Parts car?

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The parts car title is no good. It is totalled. I got the car to where it will pass the inspection. But they are booked out a month and a half! It may not be worth it. It has all the crappy parts off of the two cars. The kid that wants it may not be willing to go thru all the B.S. I hope for the cars sake he is. If not I will remove most of the glass and a fender chunk or two. Maby the drive train and the rear end. Then its off to be reincarnated as a couple toasters!

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I talked to the kid and he is willing to sit on it for a couple months. He is really gung-ho about this old crappy car. I am just happy that another runner is saved from the scrap pile! He is planning on doing a motor swap soon and I was thinking about taking the A14 and 5sp off of his hands. Are there people out there that are looking for A14s? How hard is it to find rebuild parts for the 5sp? It makes noise when the clutch is out. Not the worst tranny sound, but bad enough.

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A14s have little value. Many junkyards will sell them for $100 (if they are in a good mood) mostly they just scrap them -- and many are in great condition they rarely go bad. Those who drive B110, B210 and B310 use them as well as F10 and 310s. In other words, not too many cars are left. They are great engines. An A12A (1979-1982) engine *is* worth something even if not running.


The 5-speed is a differnet story. A good one is $175 u-pull. Few people rebuild them but Nissan has the parts. Expensive to do a full rebuild, tear it down and find what is wrong, just replace what is needed.

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Well I found another 79 automatic 210 for $200. So the kid that bought the shitty parts car from me bought it. I am going to swap the hood and the fender on them and put the hood scoup back on and he is gonna give me the parts car back. I am thinking bumblebee car at Tenino? It would be kick ass!

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I'll be putting one in my 65 here when I heal...

I'll be looking for a 5 speed when I do...


Paul, are you still peg-leggin' it? It's been awhile. They shoot horses don't they?

J/K hope you heal real soon

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tore a rotator cuff and had surgery to fix it...

so 2 months off with a broken leg and now another 2-3 with a bad shoulder...


I'm just like my truck... high mileage, worn parts, what next?


Shifter arm, clutch leg right?

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