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new landspeed record????

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Not really a land speed record (which is currently just over 763MPH) More like fastest production car. Fascinating, but like a hot super model, unlikely to even see one in person, let alone her letting you drive her that hard.


I wouldn't even call it fastest production car, since Hennessey takes a car already in production, the Lotus Exige, and tinkers with this and that and drops in a twin turbo'd 7.0 GM V8. Also that article lists the Bugatti Veyron as the fastest, but I thought the Koeniggsegg CCX-R beat it by three MPH?


Don't get me wrong, the Hennessey Venom is still bad ass!

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I wish I had a car that quick.  Unfortunately, it would be utterly useless in the real world.  That much power and only being able to go to 70 mph, the legal limit?  Much less exceeding the limit so quickly so fast.  You need areas like Kansas with long straight stretches and 360 degree views.  Or a racetrack.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun, but it wouldn't be in traffic.  I'd burn the tires off waiting for people to move out of the way.

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I can't imagine this car being fast in any direction except straight ahead. Such a long wheelbase. So even if it is faster than the Bugatti it still won't be better. The Bugatti is fast in every scenario. But given the choice I would take Pagani over any hyper car any day. 

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