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Advice on a purchase


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Hey guys I'm looking to buy this car


But the price just feels way out of the ball park compared to fully restored models etc.
1. Its a 4 door
2. It definitely looks like it needs a restore
3. Its a 4 door.

I haven't had a huge experience when it comes to these models, so I was wondering if this is a car worth purchasing and judging by the photos is it even worth the 9.5k? In your opinion what would that car be worth and does it have potential to grow more in value?

Thanks guys!  :thumbup:

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There is some crappy bondo work over the rear wheel arch. Hood pins are not right on a Datsun. Engine swaps such as this typically come with difficult problems. Car generally looks like it was driven hard and not garage kept. You will see rust soon under that cheap paint job. But it does have four doors. That's a plus.


For 10K, you should get two like this with clean titles.

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Thanks for the help guys! I actually love the rough look of the car, so in your opinion what would something like this go for?


Im pretty in love with the curves of the car and PRAYING that in person it looks a hell of alot better. Giving it the benefit of the doubt that photos just aren't doing it justice.


I've scheduling to meet up with the owner for an inspection of the vehicle this Saturday.

On these classic 1970's which are the components that I should be paying close attention before purchasing ?


Appreciated the feedback fellas!  :thumbup: 

Also here is a second car that I've found which the owner has told me the lowest he would go is $4500(Aussie dollars) 


I've got money for either one. So I'm hoping the experts can settle this decision for me

1600 or 1200?

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The first car looks pretty rough for a 10k price. Over here in the USA it would bring maybe half of that. The 2nd car is a Datsun 1200. Totally different car.


Do you want a 1600 (510) or a 1200? Or does it not matter to you?


Lots of differences in the two models.


In either case, rust is the enemy. Floors, rocker panels, lower rear quarter panels, lower and upper fenders, inner fender wells, lower section of the radiator core support, trunk floor and anywhere else you can get a view of. Sometimes the floors look ok from the bottom but under the carpets there is a layer of tar like insulation pads that the factory installed and water gets between them and the floorboards and rots them out. Use a screwdriver to poke around and make sure they are solid or plan on replacing them.


Buy a car with the most solid body you can find in your price range. If the body is straight and solid, everything else can be fixed or upgraded.


Good luck.

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Wow, for 4500 I would go with the 1200. That looks like a fair price if it runs well.


The 510 wouldn't cost half that in the US if it didn't have the FJ, but the FJ imo is more of a pain. It is a rare engine so parts are harder to source (maybe easier in AUS?). Looks like a $2000 car with a $7500 engine... Check for rust everywhere you can see. Get undet the car and check the wheel wells and floor pans. Also, seams you can see and the trunk/hood lid (where it meets the body/fenders). If there is rust around the trunk, I'd bet the area around the rear window is rusted under the seal as well.

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1200 way way better. Likely a more realistic seller as well (aka honest ) based on his asking price. But that can easily be wrong. Look at the rockers under the doors. Look for rust along the windshield rubber and back windows. As mentioned earlier, all the mechanical issues are nothing to worry about. You are buying the body. Also just drive it and see if its yours.

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