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Bookend KC 620's ... Father & Son trucks


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Sorry for the late intro. I've been lurking here for a bit & have meant to start a build thread for awhile but I'm terrible with documenting progress.


EDIT: I will do my best to try & keep this as chronological as possible.


Long of the short is, I was quite excited when my son wanted to build a Datsun. My very first car was a B210 & I have a long love affair with them. His first "want" was a 510 but being that he needed a daily, it was out of his AND my price range. He quickly set his eyes on a 620 KC


We watched & watched CL & finally one popped up. We struck a deal & off we drove.



We brought it home & he immediately got to buffing out the abused paint.











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I actually eneded up finding brand new Belltech dropped spindles on CL for about 1/2 the cost of new. Dude bought them for his D21 & ended up bagging his truck & decided not to use them.


So over to my buddies shop & up she goes & off with the front suspension & steering.













& a "few" hours later, down came the lift










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thanks guys much appreciated.


My son has had his hands on every aspect of this "build" & I'm quite proud of his effort AND patience with me :) I tend to forget that he doesn't know why I'm doing something a particular way, mechanically speaking & sometimes I need to do a bit more explaining..... I'm learning.

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So with the new steering, bushings, ball joints & dropped spindles on went these beauties.... machined D21 V6 hubs, rotors & calipers






at this point I need to give big thanks to ]2eDeYe and yello620 for answering all my questions..... I tend to over think shit  :blush:


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which then meant it was the perfect time for a new exhaust....... 







































I joke I joke, I kid I kid







nothing "fancy" .... 2" exhaust & turbo muffler 

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Time for an alternator upgrade .... 


Junkyard 95amp Saturn SL1 alternator. Took it to the parts house & had them run a test on it. Checked out good.





We pulled the fan/pully off an old Chevy alt I had laying around.






and plenty of room for the nut.






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