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    78 Datsun 620 (lowered w/17's), 00 Cherokee (lifted w/32's), 97 Talon (Boosted w/AWD)
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    Things that can be taken apart and put back together. Boobies and Datsuns.
  1. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    I know, I am sad to see it go but my wife and I bought a Snap On franchise a couple years ago and I dont ever have the time to work on it. I hate watching it sit there and waste away to nothing so I am hoping someone who appreciates Datsuns will get it. When I was test firing the engine two years ago I had to tap on the dizzy to get the fuel pump circuit to complete/turn on while the key was on. I got it to start but I think that part needs to be replaced. Either way I have $1600 into the engine/trans/wiring, coilovers, and mounting brackets.
  2. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    This project is up for sale, I dont have time to part it out so someone is going to get a killer deal @ $1600 for everything!! https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/78-datsun-king-cab-ka24de-swap/6350155428.html
  3. Eric Garside

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    Fuel Pump Problems- 78 620 w/ S14 KA24DE that was wired up/running in an S13 car. I am having trouble with my fuel pump relay ground (blk/pink wire). It is not getting a ground signal from the ECU. If grounded manually at the relay, fuel pump turns on. If manually grounded at the ECU plug, fuel pump turns on. All other relays are functioning as they should but the fuel pump one is not turning on with the key. I have tried three different ECU's and am out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  4. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    Thanks, Steve. Now I feel like a newb for not searching better :blush:
  5. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    Fuel tank issues Can anyone tell me what lines do what? Blowing into #2, air goes into the tank and comes out #4. I think #3 hooks to the evap canister, is that true? I cant blow into #1
  6. What length did you have your driveline made?
  7. Eric Garside

    1977 620 KingCab Deluxe

    What size rubber fuel line did you use? How did you overcome the size difference between the 240 lines and the 620 lines?
  8. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    I would be honored!
  9. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    KA 5 speed. Just a guess from holding the driveline in place but it looks to be about 1.5" to long, I will get actual measurements when it comes time.
  10. Yeah, I am heading back out on the road this week for work and will be gone most of the month. Doesnt mean we cant get together and talk Datsun sometime
  11. Looking good, Matt. looking forward to watching your progress. Maybe one of these days I can swing by with a six pack since we are some of the only ratsuners on this side of the state.
  12. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    More wiring progress Video; http://vid1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc395/emgarside/9-7-14321_zpsc80a2e47.mp4
  13. Eric Garside

    How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything

    Can you use the tach signal from the KA ECU to wire in an aftermarket tach? And is this the black white stripe wire I am supposed to tap into? Thanks!
  14. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    Yep, thats it. For my truck anyway, it had a four speed when I bought it.
  15. Eric Garside

    78 K/C with a KA24DE

    No response so I went with it, almost seems too easy to work... Here is the progress so far $10 worth of plugs and relays from Pull and Save, I had my skinny jeans on today so I couldnt fit them in my pockets... Because I cut these plugs off of a 94 Maxima (behind passenger headlight) the colors dont match and I had to trim this one a little Labeling the new plugs/wires Depinned the wires that werent going to be used On this one I also moved the thicker gauged wire to match up with the thick gauge from the engine harness Used Jeff's wiring diagram, factory Nissan relays, and a fuse block from Auto Zone... and a little bit of beer All this is temporary to make sure everything works, end of day one Let me know what you guys think

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