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How much is my 620 worth??

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Trying to get insurance through Hagerty and trying to figure out a value for my truck where we can agree on! I know I'm going to be biased because I love the truck and I know how much money I invested already! Not planning on selling the truck just trying to get a real world value for my truck so I know how much to insure it for! 

Little about the truck--

-74 620

-L20b freshly rebuilt U67 head and Weber 32/36 with about 1000 miles 

-83 280zx 5 speed 

-Matchbox dizzy

-Beebani front disc brake swap

-Titan wheels


-DZ push button ignition

-Alarm and power door locks

-Factory Tach

-Intermittent wipers 

-Ellipsoid headlights with HID bulbs 

- IR alternator 


-Rust free

-Sanded down to metal and fresh paint job

-New seals on all glass 

Still needed and next on list to do

Interior work! Carpet and redo the cracked dash.

New shocks all around but want to do front coilovers. 

Here's the build tread so far


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Value on anything can be hard to say.  Value is established when someone pays what its worth to them and what your willing to part with it...  But, insurance needs a estimator to determine the value of said vehicle or basically what is agreed upon about the value of parts thats on it... can and most likely will be a different type of insurance.  If you want to pay the insurance company an upfront "value" on your datsun, I thought with insurance companies, you could set whatever amount you wanted to insure your vehicle for...  the premium will be higher, a duh.  


For me.  normal insurance.  Just drive like your riding a motorcycle and be a defensive driver and aware or your surroundings...

Edit: damn, might not work so well when it gets stolen though...huh? haha..

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Thanks for feedback! I started the application process based on a value of 8000, pendind pictures of the truck and other info the total annual amount to insure will be 342.00. Progressive which is what I use to insure my Mini Cooper would charge me around 30.00/month just for liability, if I would choose full coverage and had a total loss they would only pay out blue book value on the truck!

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Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't Haggerty require a non-daily driven car and must be garaged?


You're right! My 620 isn't my DD but I do have to provide proof to Hagerty of my other car! Turning into a long process to get collector car insurance

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